Monday, June 14, 2010


No surprise here, just finally getting around to making the big news 'blog official'. Stephen and I are in fact expecting a little McKee on the most special of days.....December 25. Ugh. Let me just apologize in advance, little McKee. We're not horrible parents, I promise! Good news is only 5% of women give birth on their due date!!! So you may be in luck yet. Regardless of the due date, we are beyond excited to be expecting. It was a little more than an uphill battle for us, with a little more emotional and physical pain than I had planned on, but we made it!!! And it was totally worth it. We will NOT be finding out what it is, which every one of our family members have cursed us about, but I'm not budging. I just think it will be much more exciting, and I have awesome sisters and sister-in-laws who have helped me out tremendously with supplies and clothes to help me be prepared with everything we need for the baby.

So I feel fairly confident that I'm 'showing' now and I'm not just getting fat. So here are a few pics.
Little baby McKee went from this:

to this (8 weeks)

To this (12 weeks)

Because I'm a little more high risk pregnancy I've already had three ultrasounds, and I have another one on Friday. I love getting to see our little baby, and Stephen gets to come to this one. He's so excited to finally see it and hear the heartbeat. So now we're just hoping and praying everything goes alright with the pregnancy and birth!! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Am I A Gamer???

When Stephen and I first married I didn't hear one word about this so-called hobby of gaming....not one word. I didn't know the difference between a ps2 and ps3. I thought nintendo 64 was stil the 'in' system. Little did I know.....yes, it's true, my husband was a gamer. But in my husband's defense, i brought this upon very very naive self.

We had been married probably no longer than a month when the gaming monster emerged. The requests began. Why don't we get a play station??? NO! I was so ridiculously against it. I never had gaming systems growing up and I was fine. I found they were a waste of time...not to mention they cost a bloody arm and a leg, and we were beyond poor our first year of marriage. buuuuuut....I wanted my husband to love me (more). So I thought a christmas suprise was in order. Low and behold a bright, shiny, over priced ps3 was opened that beautiful christmas morn. And the rest is history.

My husband cares deeply for his ps3. So when it broke down for the second time in two years last week I had serious concerns for our marriage. So I decided to fork out the dough and woman up and buy him a new one. Disaster avoided. We had a slight oversight though. We had his newest most beloved UFC game being held hostage inside the broken ps3 and there was no reasonable way to get it out. That led to this.

Now that is dedication....or maybe just obsession. Either way, it was really entertaining to watch. That thing was impossible to break open.....almost. The result was Stephen's bloodied and cut hands...but that didn't stop him from gaming the very same night.

So back to the title of my post....I think deep down i'm a gamer, but of a different kind. I love 'games' board games, card games but above all 'game' shows on tv. I RELIGOUSLY watch family feud, price is right and wheel of a fortune on a daily basis. I LOVE it. One of my biggest dreams in life is to be on Wheel of Fortune. And I know for a fact I would be amazing at it. Unfotunately...they come to Canada once every 55 years it seems. So i'm out of luck there. But I can still dream. But I got to thinking....does this make me any less of a gamer (nerd) than my beloved hubby?? That's a good two hours of my day eaten away by a meaningless activity. That's way more than he plays that blasted play station. Needless to say....I eased up on my private and not so private rants about the playstation....kind of. It's a work in progress. But I'm not ready to give up my game for now me and playstation are just going to have to learn to get along.