Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ever since Stephen started his new job he gets the car to drive to work.  Booooo!!  Oh how I miss the freedom of being able to go where I want, when I want.  But such is life....at least for now.  But I usually get one day off a week from work, and I take FULL advantage of it.  Balian and I go wild!!!  And by wild I mean we usually go to Walmart and run errands.  HA!  But NOT TODAY!!  Today I was a good mom and we went on a park date.  Balian couldn't stop talking about how excited he was.  I think Balian has seen the light of day for a total of approximately 3 hours his entire life.  So what if I'm a home body.  I think I just use the excuse of never having a car to go anywhere a little too much.  But today we threw all caution to the wind and ventured out to the big big world of Hawrelak Park, and it was a blast!

Balian started with a picnic.  mmmmmm

Then we looked at the geese and ducks.  So cute

Then we had a photoshoot!!
This is my new favorite picture. 

Squinty eyes much?!  We're twins

Then Balian kicked me out of the pictures

He also felt the need to have a GQ moment.  I was happy to oblige

He finished the date off with an up close and personal self portrait

Then it was time to pack up and go get dad.  The truth is a duck had his eye on me, and I was scared to death.  Totally embarassing, but true.  They're all sweet and cute until they're meanacingly walking towards you click clacking that beak at you.  Not cool.  So off we went.
We were really sad dad couldn't come on our date with us, be we were sure happy to meet him at work.  I think we'll definitely try and make the park date happen more often. 

Just a quick update on Balian so I don't forget all the changes happening:

* He now has 8 teeth!!!  I've shrieked more than a few times while nursing
*He crawls backwards.  Hasn't quite figured out forward motion yet.
* He still loves his cereal and baby food, but he now loves bread, cheese, yogurt, bananas and strawberries too.
* He'll sit up by himself on my lap all day, but as soon as I try and have him sit on the floor he promptly topples over.  Ridiculous.
* He loves to smack his lips and click his tongue, and it's so cute!
* He's still only 17 pounds....10th percentile.  Got my petite bones I think.
* He's just so stinkin cute!!  And we love him more and more everyday.