Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 In One...What Was I Thinking?!

Stephen is going to get waaay too much satisfaction out of this post.  I'm not sure I'm prepared to deal with that.  Oh it goes. 
Valentine's Day on February 14th -- Anniversary on February 17th.  Really Janna?!?!? 
Stephen warned me...if we get married on the 17th we will NOT celebrate both holidays.  It will always be a combined holiday! 
Oh that's fine hun, I just can't wait to get married!!
Oh how naive I was. 
Combined celebration = Fewer gifts
I'm a little bit greedy sometimes.
Everytime our anniversary rolls around Stephen brings up the fact that he hates that we got married in February, the bitter cold hideous February. I always vehmenantly defend our beloved February date.  How dare he not be absolutely in love with our wedding date!
I'm going to admit something right now that I've never admitted before. I wish I would have gone with Stephen's idea and been married in May.  Just think of all the possibilities.  No snow, no freezing to death, beautiful flowers, more outdoor pictures.  SO many more pros than cons.  Pretty much no cons.  Zero cons now that I think of it.  Ugh.  Why was I so stubborn!! 
So there you have it hun, I give in.  I wish we would have been married in May.  If only we could go back in time. 
Our celebrations were a bit of a flop this year.  We had planned to dinner and a movie, but i waited too long to get a babysitter, and we were both exhausted.  So we ordered pizza and watched a movie.  It was ridiculously romantic.  So we thought we'd try to top that romance the next weekend.  Same plans.  Fairly same outcome.  I DID manage to score a babysitter.  We made it through dinner.  But on our way to the movie Stephen had a horrible coughing fit and started to feel sick....he still has that cough by the way.  So dumb!!!  Does anybody know how to get rid of chronic coughing!!!??? Anyway...we skipped the movie, came home and watched another movie.  It was as equally romantic as the previous attempt. 
I tried to martha stewart it up and made Stephen fortune cookies with i love you's inside on tiny pieces of paper.  but......that flopped too.  The papers ended up cooking into the cookies.  DANGIT!  I think he salvaged one.  Boo.  Those cookies were sure delicious though.  Stephen did get me flowers.  I love me some flowers.  I DO NOT care that they die a week later.  I DO NOT care that they're a waste of money.  I LOVE getting flowers.  And I think any girl is lieing if she says anything otherwise.  Boys, get your girl some dang flowers!!  She'll love it. 
So that was our v-day/anniversary.  FIVE FLIPPIN YEARS!!  Yup, we did it.  I love my husband five times more than the day we first said I love you....which he said first.  Take that Stephen!! (insider...sorry)
I married my best friend, he makes me laugh everyday.  He's always supported our family.  He's always been there for me through thick and thin.  Somedays I wonder why he's put up with me for five years, but I'm glad he has.  I couldn't imagine my life without him.  So happy anniversary to us....and the other ten couples that got married on the same day as us!!!  Seriously.  We were so not original with our date.  That reading week date is just so convenient!

I didn't take any pictures because it was too romantic for all your me.  I snapped this beauty two days after the fact when I complained that we didn't take any pictures of our big 5.  We love each other