Friday, September 21, 2012

30 ON 30

My lovely husband is 30 today.  He is NOT excited.  Not in the least.  He doesn't like birthdays.  He doesn't like feeling like he's getting old.  Which he's NOT!!  He's in his prime if you ask me.  Anyway, I tried to surprise him, and I almost made it.  I LIVE for surprises.  It drives Stephen crazy.  Very few things are better than a well manufactured surprise.  I failed at the delivery, but he's still super excited about the present.  Stephen and I have been married for 5.5 years.  Since being married we have never left the lovely province of Alberta.  We've gone away to Banff twice and Canmore for our honeymoon. And never longer than two nights. And while those were lovely trips, BOOOOOO.  We want to leave Alberta!

We've been planning a tropical trip for when our next baby is old enough, so probably next 2014.  soooo far away.  Stephen needs a vacation though.  NOW.  So I set out to plan a little getaway. 

Stephen is one of the hardest workers I know.  For the first three years we were married he worked full-time AND went to school part-time.  It would have been easy for us to live off my income...sort of...but he wanted to help support our family.  That's something I've always respected about Stephen.  Even today, he often comes home and still does work in the evening once Balian is in bed. 
He's always treated me as an equal partner in our marriage, something that's so important to me.  We parent equal and work equal.  It works great for us, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

He's in desperate need of a relaxing, fun vacation.  Stephen loves the San Francisco 49ers.  They've been 'his' team as long at the Red Wings have been 'his' NHL team...which is a loooong time.  And they're actually really good this season!  So I really wanted to take him to a game.  I thought about just going to Seattle, but they suck.  AND then I saw they were playing the Giants, which are MY team, in October.  How perfect!  We both get to see our teams play.  Yes...I like NFL football.  I like watching sports....probably because I couldn't play a sport to save my life.  So I live vicariously though professional men.  It's pathetic.  So I decided we were going to go to San Francisco and go to a NFL game, among other things, but that was the main activity.  I was doing good until Sunday night football.  I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I just blurted out that the surprise was we were going to San Franciso!  I'm so lame.  Oh well.  He was excited, and I'm so excited it's actually going to happen.  It's been booked, and work has approved my time off so there's no backing out now! 

Anyway, I just wanted to wish my wonderful husband a happy 30th.  YOU'RE NOT OLD!!! 

* Look how cute he was when he was so little!!! 
* Love me some boxers....and the leather pants aren't too shabby either. 

** Stop reading now if you want to avoid the cheese

30 Reasons Why You're the Best 30-year-old I know

1. You're an amazingly hard worker
2. You always put your familiy first
3. You're HOT
4. You bring me home donuts when I'm sad or upset....or you're in trouble
5. You teach and explain to me the lyrics in rap songs
6. You're 100% yourself around me and allow me to be the same
7. You come shopping with me and taught me about name brands
8. You put up with my punctuality OCD
9. You have goals and you always work hard to accomplish them
10. You're a worthy priesthood holder
11. You can make up a song about anything and everything...with matching dance moves.
12. You love to cook
13. You do more laundry than I do
14. You always fill the car up with gas because you know I hate doing it
15. You moved to Raymond!
16. You always kiss me good night and tell me you love me
17. You still spoon with me on the couch
18. You're a better backseat driver than you used to be
19. You treat me as your equal
20. You're HOT
21. You could totally kick any guy's butt if ever the situation presented itself
22. You're the best dad EVER
23. You call me during the day just to talk
24. You make me laugh everyday
25. You let me eat as many sweet things as I want to
26. You support my goals and hobbies
27. You want a big family
28. You introduce me to new things all the time
29. You tell I'm beautiful and sexy even when I don't feel I am
30. You treat me like a queen

Happy birthday hun!  I love you so much and am so proud of the man you have become in 30 years.  YOU'RE NOT OLD!!! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Little Did We Know

August 27 was the day.  The ultrasound day.  I dread this day.  I have a feeling most pregnant women forced to overflow their bladder and then have someone press on your stomach for an extended period of time, never quite knowing if you're going to pee your pants or not dread ultrasound day.  It's been a whille since I've had to have an ultrasound.  I knew I had an extremely small bladder.  I knew I should NOT drink the recommended amount.  But I failed.  I drank two cups an hour and a half before my appointment.  45 minutes later my bladder was full.  UGH!  Do I emty and refill it ???  I decided yes.  I emtied it and drank two more glasses.  Well that just wasn't smart.  Before we had even left, 45 minutes later, it was painfully full again.  Now I had to endure the 20-minute drive to Lethbridge.  We had 5 minutes to go and the tears came.  I was in so much pain....but more importantly, I for real thought I was going to pee my pants.  Stephen was trying to be as supportive as possible.  But I needed silence.  I had to focus on making it to McDonalds so I could book it in and pee.  I was a woman on a mission when I entered that McDonalds.  For a split second I freaked out thinking there wouldn't be an open stall.  What if?!?!?  Luckily I didn't have to answer that question.  I did my business and we carried on down the road.  Of course I was worried that I wouldn't have a full enough bladder because I've emptied it TWICE now.  So in the parking lot i took a gulp out of my water bottle.  I then proceeded to empty another cup in the office before my appointment. 

Luckily I didn't have to wait long and we got started right away.  With quite possibly the worst ultrasound tech ever.  I wanted a young tech SO BAD because I knew they would be nice.  Nope.  Of course not.  Why would I be so lucky??  It' not like I just had a horrible morning and I deserved a break.  Oh well.  If any of you know Stephen, he's chatty.  He's  inquisitive.  He's curious.  He had a million and one comments and questions during the exam.  haha  I love it.  The tech acted like he wasn't even in the room!!  She was so rude.  She wouldn't answer any of his questions or even give him the time of day.  Probably didn't help he was calling her by the wrong name the whole time.  haha  The J-A part of her name tag was covered and so he just assumed JANELLE  was DANIELLE.  simple mistake. 

Anyway, the exam went well.  We tried to call the raymond clinic the next day to see if they would give us the results but the results were ONLY going to my lethbridge doc, not my family doc...and she was out of town for two more days.  The morning she was back in the office I called for the results.  The british front desk lady seemed more than perturbed that I was calling and said they would call me back sometime that day as they were very busy.  Well, excuuuuuse me for wanting to know what gender my baby is!  I was annoyed.  So of course they call while we were out at swimming lessons, so Stephen called to see if they would tell me just quick right then since we missed the call.  Well, that would just be asking too much wouldn't it.  It was 11:45.  Apparently they decided to take an early lunch.  Stephen called back at exactly 1:15 when they reopened, and got all the warmth that british receptionist had to offer.  Which was none....followed by a click of the phone hanging up.  JUST TELL ME WHAT I'M HAVING!!  I was SO annoyed.  Finally at 3:45, 5 minutes before my phone would have been busy because I had to go to work, the nicest lady in the world called.  For real this time.  She was full of sunshine.  And she FINALLY gave me the glorious news. 

We felt pretty confident that this babe was a girl.  This pregnancy has been sooo different. I was waaaay sicker, which compared to Balian just means I was sick.  With Balian I knew honestly from the day we found out I was pregnant that it was a boy.  This one I had absolutely no inkling or motherly intuition as to what it was....which left me to believe it was a girl.  The only logical answer, right?  Apparently I've been extremely moody the point of the only explanation must be that I have a large excess of estrogen surging through my body.  Then we went to ultrasound and the baby looked nothing like Balian.  WE could tell right away with Balian that he was a boy.  He wasn't shy about a thing.  This is what we got with this babe. 

Now, you tell me that's not a girl.  It's not a girl.  IT'S  A BOY!!!
We were completely shocked.  We thought for sure it was a girl.  I was sad for about a millisecond.  Then I was soooo excited for Balian to have a little brother.  They'll be best buds.  I love being a mom to boys.  I think it suits me.  But don't get me wrong, I want a little girl more than anything.  Just one.  That's all I ask.  And we've vowed to not give up until we have one.....unless we get five boys.  Then I'm done. 

So there's our little munchkin!! Cute as ever!