Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is the beginning of Stephen and Janna's blog. I (Janna) will probably post on here the most, but Stephen will probably contribute here and there. I'm not quite sure what kind of blog I want this to be yet, but I really like the idea of printing your blogs into books, so we wanted to start off by recording how Stephen and Janna became Stephanna.

How Stephen and Janna met....(by stephen)

In the fall of 2005 at a welcome church dance, after everybody was going home I saw this cute little number from across the way. She was wearing brown pants and a black top. I decided to do a stupid thing. So i pointed over at her and told her to come here. What was I thinking?! For some reason she decided to come and talk to me. The fact that she came over and talked to me caught me off guard. I had no idea what to talk about. So we talked about birthdays. After 5 minutes of bumbling through the worst conversation of my life I somehow got her phone number. ( it was her cell number) After a couple of days i texted the number. I did NOT get a response back. I assumed she either gave me a fake number or thought that i was indeed an idiot. That weekend a bunch of my friends and i were at a house party when I noticed Janna entered the party with one of my other friends! Very upset I decided to brush this woman off and ignore her forever. That following year Janna and I would encounter a couple of bump ins, in which her friends would meet up with my friends. I refused to even acknowledge her presence. That's how upset I was at the time. This went on for a good year. During this year she dated TWO of my friends!! What kind of a girl does this?!
The next year at the same annual dance I decided to once again talk to Janna. I don't know why I decided to. I still disliked her for giving me a fake number, backstabbing me, and then dating my friends!! After a few minutes of small chat with her I mentioned to her that she gave me a fake phone number, and she made up some ridiculous excuse that it was her house number and not her cell phone number. (what a liar) I asked janna again for her cell phone number. We got talking and found out we were going to the same school that semester. I chose not to text her because at the time i believe i was dating somebody else. But deep down inside i knew there was a score to settle with this girl.
About a week later i was still kinda dating this other girl, but I was bored in class and decided to text Janna and see if she wanted to meet up during break. She agreed, and it was on from there. We got to talking in the hallways. Janna was always done earlier in the day that semester, so I would always skip my classes and drive her home. I, of course, lied to her and told her I was done class so that she wouldn't feel guilty about me skipping. Needless to say....this did not bode well for my grades that sIemester. A few weeks later we were basically engaged. This is the truth.

How Stephen and Janna met.....(By Janna )

It was the fall of 2005. Me and my roommates decided to venture outside the comfort of our home and go to the church dance. After the dancing was done and everyone was getting ready to go home a boy caught my eye. Why? He was pointing at me! Seriously, who points. Anyway, i thought he was cute so I gave him a second glance. He beckoned me over to him, so I hesitantly accepted his invitation, with my friend close at my side. He was wearing blue jeans and a red shirt. The conversation was......interesting. We were talking about birthdays...not sure why. Anyway, he finally got arouond to asking for my number. Not in the habit of giving my number to complete strangers who beckon at me from across gym floors i confided in my friend. She kind of knew who he was and assured me it was safe. So i gave him my number. (my HOME number) I didn't even buy a cell phone until like 2006. My roommate can vouche for this. Anyway, I never heard from again. Rude. That's what I thought. Who asks a girl for her number and never calls!!! So the grudge began. We met a few times over the next year. Our friend groups tended to overlap at times. I went out of my way to avoid him at every chance though. I thought he was a genuine jerk. So i went about my life and continued to date other guys. No biggie.
Exactly one year later we met at the exact same dance. We started talking again. I don't remember how the conversation began, but I must have been feeling forgiving. Of course the infamous phone number came up, and I explained what must have happened. He didn't buy it. Still, i decided to give him my number again. ( my CELL number) I honestly wasn't expecting much to come of it since I knew he was seeing my friend's roommate...and I may or may not have been with someone else as well. We weren't really steady though. I know. I was a hussie. So i was shocked when out of the blue I received a text during class a few days later. I honestly couldn't remember who Stephen was at first. Then it clicked. Could it really be Stephen McKee?? The text said to come meet him in the hall. I was curious, so I went. Well, my 5 minute break turned into a good 15 minutes. We got to talking and he said he would drive me home. SWEEEEET!!! Ugh, i hated the bus with a passion!!! I later found out he was skipping class the whole time to drive me home!! How sweet is that.
Anyway, we started dating. We each broke it off with our respective lovers and decided this was meant to be. We were basically engaged two weeks later. THIS is the truth.


  1. haha, cute. I've been waiting and waiting for a blog post from you! I don't even know how I found your blog... but it's great!

  2. Shonna said...... was great to see your blog. You need to tell the rest of the story of Stephen's first visit home to the parents house, haha. We love you Stephen :)))

  3. First time posting a blog, big accomplishment for this mom, lol. Sorry for the repeat intro. Look forward to seeing more, pictures and info.

  4. I love your blog! Im excited to see you guys in 2 weeks!

  5. I love the 2-sided story, and that Stephen told the story over the pulpit at church.

  6. Stephen, who was the girl that you were still dating? LOL.

  7. I already love your blog...someday it will become as big as Glamazon's and complete strangers will bask in your humour. I am excited to read on the list baby bump pics and post....but I am sure you aren't showing yet.

  8. This blog is…

    It's going to be audacious
    It's going to vivacious
    It's going to be tenacious
    It's going to be flirtatious
    It's going to be loquacious
    It's going to be alliaceous
    It's going to be a hip-hop, don't drop, tip-top, flip-flop, don't stop, lollipop, robocop, top-shop, hallelujah, say...
    oooo weee what up with that, what up with that?

    haha - Jessica :)

  9. Steve would totally have a conversation about birthdays AND text a home number!

  10. Your stories cracked me up...too funny! Congrats on baby Mckee!

  11. so cute love it!! so glad you have a blog! love the story how you met and so excited for all that is coming!!

  12. cute blog! janna, i've been getting that story from stephen's side all these years...