Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know it's waaaaaaay late, but I still wanted to write about our Christmas this year.  Christmas day WAS Balian's due date.......I'm sooo glad he decided to come early.  Secretly I think it would have been kind of cool to have a baby on Christmas Day....but I'm sure that Balian would have cursed the day he was born for the rest of his life if that happened.  This year we had Christmas in Edmonton with all of Stephen's family.  Everyone lives in Edmonton except for his sister, and she came up from St. George, so the whole fam damily was here.  Good times.  It was super fun, loud, full of food, fights and fatigue. 

Christmas Eve is always something I look forward to when we spend Christmas with the McKees.  There's a plethora of sandwich fixins, anything and everything you want for a sandwich, with all the accompanying side dishes.   Soooooooo good.  I ate waaaaay too much.  And I didn't even have the excuse of being pregnant anymore.  Dangit.  We attempted a nativity renactment this year.  It was probably the most condensed nativity I've ever witnessed, but so cute.

Christmas Eve night Balian and I went to bed around 11....only to be awakened by Stephen around 1 A.M.  Thanks hun.  haha  He couldn't sleep, so we decided just to open our presents then.  Our Christmas was pretyy low key this year due to our delightful child being born.  I got Stephen a chef's jacket to match the one he got me for my birthday and a digital picture frame for his desk at work and a panini grill.  We very much enjoy paninis.  Mmmmmm  Stephen got me some new lulu lemon it!! and the Hunger Games series.....also love that!!!  And Balian got a giant stuffed monkey.  so cute.  

We went over to McKees after that to see what everyone else got and open our gifts from his parents.  We got a butt load of kitchen gear which was soooo nice, and Balian got a sweet bumbo chair and a cute little sled.  It will be so fun to use with him next year.  We hung out and had breakfast, but I was totally wasted, so we went home to sleep and enjoy the rest of Christmas Day with our new little family.  We had an awesome Christmas.  I can't wait to start having our own little family Christmas and start our own traditions.  We've already got a few good ones in mind.  I love Christmas and the spirit that it brings into our lives.  Everyone just seems happier during this time of year, and I like that.  It's always sad when it's over, but now I can't wait until next year!!!  Here's a few pictures.  I didn't take many.  I took more video this year.  

Stockings hung by the fireplace

Ya....I had Balian five days after this picture

 The spread.  Mmmmm

 Cute cousins

 Cutest Christmas babe ever!!

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  1. Balian is so so sweet! And yes, it's a good thing he wasn't born on Christmas day. My little sister was and she HATES it. It was good he came early so you could have your first Christmas together as a family at home!! I can't wait to start Christmas family traditions with the kids either!