Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Tuxedo

On Sunday February 6 Balian James Terence McKee was blessed.  Shayla hemmed a good 4 to 5 inches of his pants the day before, but it was worth it.  He has the shortest little thanks to me. He looked so handsome in his little white tux though.  Stephen was super nervous the morning of.  He said he had a "spiritual readers block".  Haha  so funny.  He gave an awesome blessing though and of course had me bawling by the end.  I don't know what he was so nervous about because he gave a beautiful blessing.  My friend Julie was able to record it with her sweet shorthand skills, and I'm so glad I have it recorded to look back at and reread and that Balian will be able to read it when he's older.  I'm pretty sure we hold the ward record for how many men were in the blessing circle as well :)  I'm not even sure what the final count was but there was at least 10.  The baby blessing the week before us had three!  HAH!!  Awesome. 

 I'm so grateful that I was able to marry a worthy priesthood holder that is able to preside over our household and give me and our children blessings.  Stephen is always so in tune with the Spirit.  So many times he's had the 'thought' or 'feeling' that we need to do something, and Balian's blessing was no exceptiong.  Everything was meant perfectly for our little boy. 

We were pretty exhausted and not on the ball enough to remember to get a picture while we were all still in our Sunday best, so I just took pictures of the little one.  How cute is he in his littl tux though?!  And he was even smiling!  What a cute little munchkin.

He's so flippin cute!!  I can't get over it. 


  1. I am loving the white tux. Seriously so cute! Also he looks huge since the last time I saw him!

  2. Seeing him makes me just want to cuddle him again. He's such a cute little man in his white suit.

  3. So sweet. I'm sure Stephen did a great job!! Little girls get their blessing dresses, why not a tux for little Balian! Handsome!