Thursday, March 3, 2011

UN-Freakin' Believable
My husband has a flaw....I know...I can hardly believe it myself.  But it's a pretty serious flaw...and lately a very expensive flaw.  Luckily he has his sugar mama to pick up the slack.  My husband loses A LOT. 

I can't even count how many debit cards we've had since we've been married.  He'll lose his, so I'll give him mine.  Then he'll lose mine so we make a trip to the bank where we're on a first-name basis.  We repeat this every couple of months.

He lost his wedding ring.  YUP!!  his wedding ring!!!  Isn't that supposed to have like sentimental meaning or something??  Anyway, I bought him a new one.  I actually like the second one better, and so does Stephen.

But this latest stunt really packed a punch...right in the gut.  It hurt.  A lot.  Stephen lost his iphone like two weeks ago.  THANKFULLY we found it.  We really dodged a bullet there...or did we.  NOPE we didn't, because he lost it again.  And this time it's for real gone.  I'm sure you're asking, why don't you just use the "find my iphone" app. GREAT question.  Because my lovely husband didn't quite get around to that...even though we've had the phones for three months, and even though he's already lost it one.  Suckadoo!!

So because I'm an amazing wife I stayed calm and collected through this whole experience of tearing the house apart...a couple of times.  Trust me, it is NOT in this house.  Secretly I still think it is though.  There's also a very good chance it's in one of the ailes at Costco.  But apparently only bad people shop at Costco because nobody turned it in.  Well, unfortunately Stephen NEEDS a phone for work.  And even I will agree that you can't go back to a 'normal' phone after having an iphone.  So off to southgate we went today to purchase a new iphone....full price.  Ouch.  It stung a little. 

Oh well, I'm over it.  Stephen owes me for life basically for not ripping his head off, and he now has the option of wearing at all times one of the following. 

The Jack Bauer man bag....very fashionable if you as me...not to mention practical

The always popular and never out of style fanny pack

Or last but not least the hipster cell phone case.  Love it.

Best of luck to you hun!!


  1. I totally vote for the fanny pack. Rock it like its '93 again! Haha! good for you for coughing up the money. I put codys blackberry through the wash. He was less than impressed but he doesnt have a sugar moma, so the jokes on him I guess! haha!

  2. Oh, Stephen, that's too bad, hopefully it doesn't turn up now that you bought a new one, that's how things usually work at this house. I vote for the third option, although he already has a man purse!! Good luck. Mom :))

  3. hahaha oh Stephen...I vote he rocks the ever popular and always classy hipster case or the satchel...they are cool, Indiana Jones wears one.

  4. also...the fanny pack would clash with his man Uggs.

  5. That's pretty bad Stephen!! Janna, he definitely needs a Man Purse!!

  6. i'm with jenna on this one... fanny pack FOR SURE! i have a beauty and the beast one if he wants to borrow it