Monday, May 14, 2012

Oooooh, the Dilemma

It's that time again.  Every year or so I get the itch.  The to cut or not to cut itch.  And I'm pretty sure everytime I cut my hair I love it for a week or two, and then I curse the day I ever did it and make Stephen swear to dissuade me if I ever say I want to cut my hair again.  Well....he's no help.  He's actually encouraging it.  He thinks " I need a change".  What do I do?!?!  I've had about every cut there is out there.  And I think my problem is I've never had a haircut that I LOVE.  I've always liked them....usually...but rarely have I loved a haircut.  I have stupid hair.  It's thin, naturally curly (but not the nice kind of naturally curly, and ever since I've had a baby not so curly at all), zero volume, so it gets teased to death.  It's just annoying.  So short hair usually helps with the thin volumeless situation, but then my other problem is my hair grows like a weed!  So any form of a "style" is gone in like a month or two.  And I always just let it grow out after a cut, I never maintain the style.  So maybe that's what I'll do this time.  So I need your help!!  Even if you read this blog and don't know me, or think I don't know you, I don't care.  I want your opinions.  Whenever I cut my hair I usually go all out.  I never get a 'medium' length haircut.  Kind of seems pointless to me.  All or nothin'!  So here is kind of what I'm thinking.  Let me know what you think.  Also...should I stay dark? darker?  start going blonde again?? 

Here's  a few of my inspiration cuts.

So you kinda get what I'm going for.  Do you think I can pull any of these off and look anything remotely like the actual haircut??  haha 

Or should I stay with the brown locks??

                Or the blonde locks???  I LOVE my hair here.  It worked so good that day....and that day only. haha

 What short brown can look like.  I actually didn't mine this haircut.  This is after it had grown out after about a month.  I wasn't too fond of it at first.
 And what blonde short hair can look like.  I also didn't mind this cut but wish it was more bobish I get.  Does that make sense??  I LVOE the color here though. I don't know. I'm really picky with my haircuts.  UGH!!

This is solely for laughs.  haha  this is the WHAT THE H!%& was I thinking?!?!  There's a whole big story to the did this catastrophe went down....but that's for another time.  haha 

So you get the gist of it.  I need help.  What should I do?  I think after looking at pictures over the last couple years I'm definitely going to try going blonde again, the good blonde, not the hideousness from that last picture.  I just can't get over that hair!  It's going to haunt me tonight in my dreams.  haha  So lay it on me.  What should I do????  It's going to happen soon, so I'll post the end result.  Hopefully it turns out okay!!


  1. The very last one! And do it cause I never can! Maybe I'll be able to if you do it!

  2. You look great with blonde hair. And that Diana Argon haircut is to die for. I love it. Also, my thought about hair cuts is that, hair grows. Nothing you do is too permanent.

  3. I really like the picture of you with short dark hair. But lets be honest, you look great with any hair!

  4. You are lucky you can pull off dark and blonde! I like your dark hair better though, I always think dark hair looks more healthy so I may be biased. I like the 2nd and the 5th pictures best, cute styles! Both pictures the ladies seem to have thin hair too, but it looks so full! Good luck I can't wait to see pics!

  5. might i suggest keeping your hair long. i love love love long hair. i feel like i don't really have to do anything to it if i don't want to. i just throw it up and away we go. plus on pinterest there are tons of cute new ways to do something fun and fancy with long hair.
    so my vote - if it matters - is long and ombre dark to light.

  6. I like the dark hair. And I like all of the hair cuts except for Paris Hilton. I hate her so I hate her hair. Well, hate is a strong word. I dislike her and therefore find everything about her ugly. the bottom two are my favorite (ashley and is it julia?) anyway, your mom's hair looks fabulous. So you'll look fabulous too!! I'd go shorter than your mom. And the key to any hair style is to maintain it, which can be expensive, but if you find a cut you like, it's totally worth it! Does Cory Jo cut your hair? Good luck!!

  7. I agree with Chelsey, you look great with any hair!! But I personally really love your blonde! Maybe just cause that's what you always had growing up and I was always so jealous how perfectly blonde and pretty it was!! Have you decided yet?!