Friday, July 30, 2010

But What Is It???

So remember way back when when I said we WEREN'T finding out what our baby is going to be???  Ya.....things changed.  And just to clarify, I was DEAD SET on not finding out.  I seriously had no temptation to find out, and I still feel like it would have been soooo much fun to not find out.  My lovely, wonderful husband started being not so lovely and wonderful though.  He began putting pesky whisperings into my mind.  "Come on Janna, let's just find out".  "Once we know we can decorate the nursery".  "Look how cute this outfit it....too bad we don't know what it is". 

HOW CRUEL!!  Anyway, long story short it was killing me, and I caved.  What can I say, I'm a people pleaser.  It's a serious issue.   I still really wanted to keep it a secret from everyone else though, just so that it was still somewhat of a surprise, and because I knew it was driving everyone crazy not knowing, and that secretly made me happy.  haha  I'm cruel like that.  Well....I should have known better.  I knew Stephen couldn't do it.  He assured me he wouldn't tell ANYONE!!!  I had no problem believing he wouldn't purposely tell anyone, but I knew how excited Stephen would be after we found out what it was, and I knew it would just slip. 

Well, after we came home from the ultrasound we were still debating whether or not we were going to keep it a secret, and we decided we would.  I obviously still had my doubts.  At best I thought it would last a week without it getting out.  Crazy me.  It lasted exactly an hour and a half.  Stephen decided to call his parents and let them know how the ultrasound went...and out it came...smooth as a baby's bottom.   I honestly wasn't upset at all.  It was secretly eating away at me from the inside out.  LITERALLY!!!  Funny, kinda gross story, during the ultrasound the baby was munching the placenta.  BAH!!  Obviously not literally but that's what it looked like.  We had a good laugh about it.   So the secret's out now, and we called all our family and let them know, so we now make it blog official. 


And here's proof of the placenta eating boy

He's so stinkin' cute!!!

So I know this is getting long, but I have to tell two quick funny stories, just so I don't forget them.  We've actually thought this baby was a boy from the beginning, thanks to my revelatory husband.  I told you...he's amazing.  The day BEFORE I told Stephen I was pregnant he had a dream that I was going to have a baby boy.  Then like two months later he had another dream where I was actually delivering, and it was a boy with a shock of black hair.  So his first dream was correct, and I'm holding him to that shock of black hair.  How cute would that baby be.  So stinkin cute!!

So my little niece Nadia, cutest little girl, such a sweetheart.  All she wants is another little girl to play with.  I sooooo wanted to give her that little girl.  As soon as we walked out of the ultrasound the first thing I said was Nadia is going to be so sad.  I was honestly nervous to tell her.  Everytime I would see her she would rub my belly and say, "be a girl, be a girl".  It was so cute.  She had me almost convinced it was a girl.  So we called to tell Hala and Collin the big news and Nadia was SOO SAD!  She almost started crying.  Poor thing.  Hala assured her we're going to pop out five or six more though, so her chances are still pretty good.  :)    The tally will be five grandsons to one granddaughter on the McKee side.  I'm sorry Nadia.  I tried.  And it will be two granddaughters to one grandson on the Steed side, so that's exciting.

Haha.  This is exactly how I pictured Nadia looking when she heard the news.  :)
So that's our latest news. 

We're just so excited to know that he's healthy and growing and lookin' like a stud already.  We can't wait to meet our little guy, and I'm already working on plans for the nursery.  WE'RE SO EXCITED!!

And here's a baby bump pic to tide you all over.  I'm a bit ridiculous.  I'm definitely measuring big, but the doc says it's just cuz I'm so small.  I'm already so uncomfortable though.  And this is possible the worst picture ever of me, so just focus on the bump.  It was a self timer, but I obviously wasn't able to get the focus before pushing the button, so this will have to do.  Can't wait for the next five months...


  1. Janna! That is so exciting!!!!
    A little boy will be so much fun!
    Pre-pregnancy KJ and I were dead set on not finding out either....that lasted about a week! We are definitely finding out. We can't wait for our ultra sound.

  2. Janna!!!!!!! Boys are the best!!!! And I am sure I am having a boy, so they can play together! Also I have serious people pleasing issues too.

  3. Yay a boy! I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to find out what I'm having too! That is gonna be one hecka cute little man. I can hardly wait the 5 months to meet him!

  4. yay! everyone is having a boy so that will be so fun. He's going to be so so cute!

  5. Congrats you two. It's so hard to keep secrets like that! You either find out the sex and tell, or don't find out at all! And Janna, you seriously still look so small and are definitely one of those cute pregnant girls! Enjoy these early months though, I've heard the last couple are the most uncomfortable!!

  6. Boys are so fun! SO excited for you have the cutest baby bump:) He is gonna be a handsome lil guy!

  7. Loved the ultra sound pics. You were right when you said it was obvious, haha. Loved having you guys home for the weekend. Mom :)

  8. So excited for you guys...I think baby boys are so fun.

  9. yay!!!! i have been gone and just checked this! i am so excited!!!! now I can start making a boy blanket for you!!! so excited for you guys! guess stephen has physic powers