Friday, July 9, 2010

We Went On A Date!!

So I decided to get off my lazy butt and plan a date. Because frankly it's been a while. Not that we don't WANT to go on dates, it's just that my work schedule makes it almost impossible to go out together. Working evenings and weekends sucks sometimes......well lots of the times...okay almost all the time, but it works for us right now, so we make do.

So we've been talking about going on a picnic for about a year now, so I made it happen. We received this nifty little picnic set from Stephen's mom for Christmas two Christmases ago, so I decided to finally pull it out and give it a shot. It is quite handy, I have to admit. I should have taken a picture of that. dangit! oh well. next time.

So picnic at the legislature was step one of the date. Stephen came to the grounds right after he was done work....via train. I managed to find my way there by car without getting lost. That was a miracle in and of itself. So once we united the dating magic began!!! It was soooo nice out today. The weather was perfect. And we even got a little photoshoot in.

My sexy husband

Yours truly

Little Baby McKee enjoyed the picnic as well

We're pretty much the cutest couple ever

So thus concluded part one of the date. I decided to surprise Stephen with a movie night in preparation for our movie event in the morning. If you all haven't heard....the new Predators movie came out. And hubby is a die hard. Which is weird, because he's scared to death of the Predators. He's definitely had a nightmare or two involving the Predators. Apparently it scared him really good because he's been talking about it for weeks. I, for one reason or another, agreed to go to the movie. I'm no die hard, but I rarely pass up an opportunity to see a movie. I LOVE them....usually. We have seen a few crappers. So this is the little diddy I whipped up to stash in the trunk to surprise Stephen with after the picnic.

Yup, he loved it. Although, he lovingly informed me that we OWN the first predators. I completely was not aware of this. So I wasted a bloody $6 on the movie and then $10 we owed in fines!! I'm just a little upset though. I'll get over it. So that was our date, and I loved it!! Nothing real big, but I love any chance I get to spend with my awesome husband. He really is the best, and we could be doing nothing and I still love just being with him. This happens a lot :) Combining the facts that I work the most inconvenient hours known to man and the fact that none of Stephen's friends are married yet, we hang out at home a lot. I really would rather be nowhere else other than with Stephen just haning out doing nothing though. I don't care. Sorry for the cheese at the end.


  1. cutest post EVER!! Im so glad that you love my brother, even though Im a little grossed out by it. Looks like you had a fun night, cute idea!! And you look SO cute Janna!! Im glad that you didn't make cheeze whiz hot dogs for him...

  2. when have i ever ate cheeze whiz hot dogs? Gross

  3. Loved reading about your date night. Your dad and I should take a lesson from you guys and try it ourselves. Loved the new baby picture too. See you soon. :)

  4. Dates are always important! No matter how long you've been married! Your picnic idea is really cute too!! You've got to watch those fines!! They're such a pain!

  5. So fun and yes you're a cute couple. I love easy but so enjoyable. I just call whatever me and Brett do together a date...nothing like a good shopping or running date right?