Monday, July 5, 2010


This summer the McKee family decided to get together and rent a cabin for the weekend. With five of the six siblings there, it was bound to be fun. I was charged with the task of finding the cabin. Talk about pressure. I was beyond worried it was going to be the dumpiest of dumps. You just never know with the internet these days....but it was the right price, so we ran with it. Thank my lucky stars it was spectacular...well I thought so at least. I would totally go back. Unfortunately there was some globbity goop left on the stairs when we left, found by the cleaning we'll see if we're ever welcomed back. All in all I think it was a great weekend though, full ofgreat food, sun, children screaming - i mean playing- more sun, hay-filled beds (that's what it sounded like at least), good ol' fashioned McKee discussions turned debates, and more sun. I took a bazillion pictures of the little ones, and about two of the adults...sorry. But enjoy!!

the one shot taken of me all weekend

little Noah. so cute.

Cutie pie Owen. He looks innocent enough ;)

Oh Nadia. haha too cute

All the cousins enjoying a little early morning Peter Pan.

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