Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Things They Do....

So things are just getting larger around large that many of my dad-to-day tasks are becoming much more difficult, such as bending over the sink to rinse my mouth out while brushing my teeth, walking up my four flights of stairs to go to bed, breathing and sleeping just to name a few.  But at the very top of that list is first and foremost the ability to paint my toenails.  That's what I got the big lug around for. 

Case and Point

He's such a good guy.  The best really.  He may or may not have purchased me these little beauties....the day after HIS birthday!! 

Yup, he's a one of kind this one. 

And here's proof of the bigger than life elephant I have become. 

So I'm now 30 weeks, and it shows.  So far this pregnancy hasn't been too bad.  A few bumps here and there but for the most part I can't complain....and I've tried not too.  Stephen may beg to differ, but this is my post, not his, so I don't care.  I had to go for that horrendous sugar test a week ago.  I went by myself.  NOT a good idea.  I don't do well with having my blood taken to begin with.  I have terrible veins...minimum of three pokes each joke.  And even the thought of getting poked that many times gives me anxiety...which mixed with my usual fainting problems on top of the fact that I had to fast, it wasn't a pretty picture.   But I made it through it.  Not unscathed though.  My results came back not so good so I had to go get the two-hour test. 

 UGH!!  So annoying.  I had stephen come with me this time.  Apparently he forgot the part where I told him we had to sit there for two hours.  So he left after the first hour to go grocery shopping.  Wrrrrrrong time to leave.  First of all...who's bright idea was it to have pregnant women fast for 12+ hours.  Obviously not a pregnant person.  Anyway...I made it through the first hour okay, although I had a terrible poker who already was pushing my buttons the wrong way.  That poke was the worst of them all.  I was sitting waiting for the time to fly by when I thought I could make it to the bathroom before my next poke. guessed it....i fainted my way right into that bathroom.  Don't worry, the toilet caught my fall.  I sat for a few minutes and I was fine...just in time for the beeper to go off. 

I got to lay down after my own private freezer of a room.  SO cold, but much quieter and more comfortable.  Then my lovely husband showed up and harassed his way into the freezer with me.  I beleive the conversation went something like this.

Stephen: Hi, is my wife Janna here?
Poker: I'm sorry sir, we can't give out that information.
Stephen: Is she dead or something?  Where is she?  (BAH!  I love that he said this.  Totally Stephen.  He was not very impressed)
Poker: (Eyes rolling) She's in that room, but you have to knock.

So he came in and we did cosmo tests until my time was up and the third poke was done.  It was an eventful day.  Always a good time to be had at Dynalife.  So I don't have the results back from that sugar test, but my next appointment is Tuesday so we'll find out then.  Hopefully it's all normal and I don't have to stress about gestational diabetes or anything.  I did know I would be at a higher risk because of the PCOS, but I never expected to actually get it, so I'll update once I have the results.  Other than that little hiccup everything seems to be going good.  I can't believe there's only ten weeks left!!!  So crazy!!!  But we're so excited and can't wait to finally meet our little McKee. 


  1. Janna you look so cute! Just a BIG belly, but thats it! When Im prego, it shows everywhere, mostly my butt and face, you look so cute! I am super excited to meet my new nephew!

  2. finally an update janna, you sure look cute you are all belly...jealous! ughgh gotta hate that fast and wait...I had to get the second test too, so brutal. Hope you get good results

  3. Janna, you are adorable!
    I haven't had to go through all that crazy testing yet, but I'm sure not looking forward to it. I hope you end up having great results!

    P.S Looks like your sister is marrying into my "Wood" side of the family. Scott is K.J's first cousin. Small world! I'll be two weeks away from giving birth when they get married, so you'll get to see me HUGE!! haha

  4. Bahahaha! "is she dead or something?" so funny!!!
    P.S your belly looks great and not as giant as you think it does!

  5. oh stephen! he would! YOU are too cute! honestly the cutest prego lady ever! come back to me...orrrr i'll come see you in 3 days! woot woot! get ready to SHOP!

  6. you're the cutest pregnant person ever! i think other than the obvious growing belly i wouldn't know you were pregnant! ho[pe the results come back and it's all good!

  7. You're all belly and looking so cute. Hope all goes well with your results.

  8. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I can't believe they expect pregnant women to fast. Seriously!! I hope the test comes back normal. That's the least you should get for all the trouble you went through!! Also, what a sweet husband you have!! You can never go wrong with flowers!

  9. AHHHHHHH! I LOVE IT!!! how cute are you??? freak you still look smoking hot even though you are like 7 months preggo. you're such a brat. jk i'm sure it doesn't feel that way and that you are just dying working in a chair and stuff. hey we need to hang out so I can see your cuteness in person. next week maybe? message me