Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On November 15 I turned the big 2-4.  I haven't felt old until this point.  I think it's probably because I'm pregant....or maybe it's because next year is 25!!  not cool.  I did have a wonderful birthday though.   We take our birthdays very seriously around here.  It's always referred to as birthday week, in which the person whose birthday isn't being celebrated is basically a slave to the birthday person.  It's great....when it's your birthday.  My request during my birthday week was that stephen gets zero gaming...unless I'm working.  This has been tough since the new Call of Duty game out this past week, but he's held to his promise...mostly... and hasn't played when I'm not working.  It's been just divine.  

Stephen had a ton of vacation days left that he needed to use before the end of the year so he took a bunch of time off for my birthday.  Lucky him.  I had one day off.  haha  Totally not fair, but it was a good day.  We woke up bright and early and headed to the only non-fast food breakfast joint we know.  Denny's!!  I can't wait until the iHop is done.  It actually was pretty good.  I always get the french toast.   Mmmmm....I could go for some right now...with strawberries and whipped cream.   So delicious.  Anyways....then we came back and watched some tv and just hung out until we had to primp and make ourselves beautiful for my maternity shoot with my cousin.  I can't wait to see them!!  Hopefully I don't look like a giant blimp in them.  Highly unlikely though.  Then we came home and Stephen cooked me up a delicious meal of lasagna, twice baked potatoes and red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  It was soooo good.  I love lasagna, but it's such an ordeal to make it so I only get it once a year.  So i savor every bite.  We had stephen's family over and my sister and her family over to share in the cupcake goodness.  It was there where I was showered with lavish gifts of diapers, wipes and new slippers!!  haha  I loved it.  I think we pretty much have everything for baby now. 

Stephen spoiled usual.  Probably our last 'big' gifts for each other this year since little mckee is coming along.  He got me a chef's coat with my name and our wedding anniversary stitched on it.  i LOVE it.  Such a thoughtful hubby.  And he got me a KitchenAid Mixer!!!  WOOHOO!  I have wanted one forever, and I love it.  And he got me a new purse....a very nice purse....which I am in love with.  So nice. 

Here I am with my new baby, bursting at the seams....literally...of my chef's jacket.

You can see the stitching in this one

My hottie cookin for me 


Haha  so cute!!  Nadia loved little Malin.  I hope I have a girl next.  She needs a little girl cousin so bad.  There was a lot of new faces.  Malin didn't quite know what to think of it.

Oh good heavens I'm large haha!!

So that was my birthday.  I loved it...except for the fact that now I have to say I'm 24.  I'll get over it though.  In other news we finally finished baby's room and I FINALLY finished his blasted blankie, so once I take some pictures I'll post about that.  Only one more month to go!!!  I can't believe it!!


  1. Happy birthday!!! You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so blessed and lucky to have amazing and wonderful people around you who also made your birthday even extra more special. That's the most important above all!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! 24. one more month and I'll share the same fate.

    kitchen-aid mixer!!!!! I'm soooo jealous. I too, have wanted one for YEARS. Maybe one day I'll be as lucky as you!

    PS- you look sooo cute! and boobalicious.

  3. You look so cute Janna! I love baby belly photos on other people that is! Glad you had a great birthday...and if you are ever looking for a non-fastfood breakfast place in Edmonton go to Cora's seriously the best....better than IHOP

  4. haha, that post made my day. I love the chef's jacket, I didn't know they made them in pink! And I can't believe you got Stephen to stop gaming for a WEEK! woohoo Janna!

    p.s. I am also excited for the IHOP!

  5. Happy birthday! Wohoo, countdown's really on and of course, you're still looking good.

  6. Love your blog! It's fun to catch up on your life. You're looking fantastic! I can't wait to see baby McKee :)

  7. Love your birthday request... no gaming!! Hehe Steve is definitely a good gift giver! And thoughtful!! The chef's coat is super super cute! And what else is cute? Your baby belly. You look great! You're all belly! One more month! It's going to fly by!!