Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Naomi.....

I have like a million things to blog about, but we'll start here.  Our dear, dear Naomi...Stephen's first love.  She's passed and we've now moved on to bigger and better things. 

Stpehen with Noami before we cashed her in. 
I'm sure a guy's first car means a lot more to him than to a girl.  Stephen loved this little Honda, and she sure was good to him and to us.  She landed him me!!!  He was always quick to remind me of that when I would complain regularly about the two doors.   It was very weird saying goodbye to Naomi.  We have had a lot of good memories with her.  But alas...with baby McKee on the way, two doors was just not going to happen, and Honda offered us a deal we couldn't pass up.  So without further delay....meet Holly the Honda

This isn't our exact car, because we have yet to take a picture with it, but this is a pretty good replica of Holly, our new shiny black 2010 Honda Civic with 4 DOORS!!!  We love her to bits already.  She's leaps and bounds ahead of Naomi.  Firstly...she has four doors.   Secondly...she has cruise!!!  Who knew the drive to sourthern Alberta would be that much better with cruise control????  Heaven.  She's got a bunch of new features and gadgets and gizmos that we just love about her too, but I won't bore you all with the details.  Just know that this picture depicts how we feel about our dear Holly.  But we'll always have a place for Naomi in our hearts.

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  1. I used to have a 2008 Honda Civic exactly like that. They're very nice cars and a lot more roomy for the baby! Sad that Steve has to part with his, but it's a small sacrifice!! At least it's not a mini-van!!