Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's A Brand Spankin' New.....

ME!!!! of late I've been feeling a bit that is not a typo.  That word describes exactly how I feel...mostly about my physical appearance.  I have a sneakin' suspicion it has something to do with the fact that I just had a baby and have since realized my body will never be the same again.  And let's face it....that's a little bit depressing.  I didn't even LOVE my body before the babe, but I'd take it back now in a long as Bails gets to stay.   And since I don't see that happening in the too near future, I need to do something to make me feel sexy  beautiful again. 

I know you're all thinking, "hey Janna, just get off your lazy butt and workout and then you'll look hot again."  Well guess what?  I DID!!  but then I got sick and it stopped for a couple days...or a week...or two.  But don't you worry, I fully plan on starting it up again on Monday.  I just needed a quick fix.  My body will be back in tip top shape very soon because we have big plans for September involving water, a beach, and a bikini.  So are you all ready for this??  My mom and dad are gonna hate me, but sorry!!!  You're not exactly the one I'm trying to feel sexy    beautiful for.  I told Stephen before he left for Toronto that I had a surprise for him when he got home.  And I totally got him.  This is what he left when he decided to desert me for three days. 

and this is what he came home to

BAM!!   How do ya like me now?!?  Pretty sweet eh?  I love it.  I've been dark plenty of times before.  I was for our wedding, and I stare at that picture everyday in my living room....longing for my darker days.  Stephen LOVES!!!! me brunette, so I thought this would be a great way to dive out of my frumph, at least for the time being, and please the husband at the same time.  And I think I can say I accomplished both. 

I was actually a little hesitant as to how Bails would react, if he would still recognize me or scream in disgust.   But he handled it pretty well.

It took him a second...

But then I believe his exact words were, "You're SMOKIN' mom!"  Ah...thanks Bails.

A little shell shocked

We're sexy   beautiful AND cute

I took this picture a couple weeks ago.  I can't believe I forgot to put in on the blog.  SO CUTE!

So there you have it, the new unfrumphified me!!!

On a side note, today Balian is 4 months!!!  CRAZY!!  He has his shots tomorrow.  Totally forgot about it until the Health Clinic lady called me this morning.  NOT looking forward to that.  I'll come back and post all his numbers once I find out tomorrow.

So Balian at four months was 14.5 lbs - 40th percentile
He was 24.5 inches - 50th percentile
His head was in the 25th percentile. 

So he's fairly average except for his cute little head.  He did so good with his shots and has been awake for one out of the last 6 hours.  Poor little guy.  So tuckered out. 


  1. WOWEEE! you are one SMOKIN BABE! looking good Janna!

  2. okay. so it look so good!!! and I know you are not fishing for compliments here, but seriously if I can look like you after I have a baby, i will be happy. i'm not even kidding. i don't know what you are talking about!! not even kidding. and where is this place you are headed to? !!

  3. ya where is this beachy place your going to? I love your dark hair! Looks awesome!! And bails is as cute and chubby as ever!

  4. love love love! being dark is deff sexier than blonde not gunna lie!

  5. I actually loved your dark hair, probably because I'm a brunette myself, haha. It looks awesome and so does Bails. Love you all, mom :)

  6. Seriously, I've seen your photos and you change your hair often and seriously you look good with every cut and color! (not fair!!) I love the dark hair too! It's fun to mix it up!! P.S. It looks like you and Balian have a lot of fun together... taking photos! :) cute!

  7. Umm, I don't think frumph could ever describe you. Love the hair. I know the feeling though... where I was so done with maternity clothes but didn't look great in my regular clothes and didn't want to buy anything because I was convinced I was still going to lose weight. Wait I've seen you and you're already skinny again never mind.