Friday, May 6, 2011

Say Whaaaaaat?!
My and Stephen's conversation the other day

Stephen: Hey hun, how's it going
Me: Good how are you?
Stephen: Something terrible has happened.

(Me thinking: Oh great, either A) he's lost his job or B) he's crashed the car)
Close, but not quite. 

Me: Okay........what?
Stephen: So I just went and got a haircut at the place in my building, and it cost a little more than I expected.  But it's not my fault because there were no prices listed.
Me: much?
Stephen: $75 for the hair cut and then $20 for product......
Me: (hysterical laughter) 

I had to laugh.  This WOULD happen to Stephen.  The sad thing was...i didn't even think it was that great of a haircut!!  I mean come on!  If you're gonna charge an arm and a leg for something, at least make it the BEST possible haircut out there!  I liked his last two waaaaay better.  And they were only like $30 at Chatters.  Lesson learned. 

Then we were talking about it again the other day, and we were both like, you thought we would have learned out lesson when we went suit shopping a couple years ago to not purchase anything UNLESS there is a price tag on it.  In the case of the suit....the lovely bill rang in at nearly $1000 I believe, and we had to create some sort of a diversion to high tail it out of the store without paying the scam artists at Moores. 

Stephen redeemed himself somewhat when he won the company pool for the UFC fights this weekend though.  All his winnings will be donated to our checking account in order to help balance the books. 

The kicker to this whole story....the lovely hairstylist advised Stephen to get a PERM!!! Can you believe that?!  The even bigger kicker to this story is that Stephen actually considered it!!  I think I've talked him out of it.  Hopefully.  Because I can only imagine how much THAT catastrophe would cost.  Good heavens. 

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  1. Between this post and the post where Steve loses expensive things (his cell phone) I bet you've got to be on your toes keeping your finances in check!! Good thing he redeems himself though!! At least through gambling!! :) hahah