Monday, May 9, 2011


FINALLY!!  I finally get to bask in the celebrations of Mother's Day.  And my dear husband did not disappoint.  I had an awesome weekend -- that's right, we took two days to celebrate mother's day.  I don't think Stephen intended the whole weekend to count as Mother's Day celebration, but I took the liberty of classifying it as such.  I also took the liberty of using some extra cash sent our way via old job vacation pay to update my a mother's day gift of course.  Thank you hun!!  and thank you old job!!!  Believe me, this was a necessity, not a want.  So I got home and spring cleaned my closet and replaced it with my new loot, and I feel like a brand new woman.  I love it.  The best not-really-my-mother's-day gift ever!!

So I was asked to give a talk in church on Mother's Day Sunday.  So NOT fair.  If you ask me, Mother's Day Sunday should be an all male lineup from beginning to end.  Anyway, I was super stressed about it because I had a crazy week with work and just had no time to prepare.  So Stephen knowing I was super stressed and nervous tapped into my one true love.  FOOD.  In particular, SWEEEEEEET FOOD!  He cooked up this most delicious breakfast for me. 

Oh my gosh!!  Chocolate waffles, with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and fresh strawberries, washed down with chocolate milk!  FOR REAL!?!  It was soooo good.  I want to go make some more right now.  Hands down the best thing I've ever eaten for breakfast.  He did good.   I didn't take a picture, but then for supper he made me my favorite meal of lasagna....equally as good as the breakfast.  Geesh,  I sound like a crazed fatty right now.  But for real, if you want to surprise me or reward me in anyway for anything...that can easily be accomplished with something sweet.  Chocolate, candy, cake, cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate cookies.  Seriously.  That's all this girl needs to be happy. 

But seriously,  Stephen gave me the best Mother Days ever.  I've already begun my plans to one up him for father's day though.  He always goes all out for holidays like this, and I love him for that.  I love being a mom, everything about it.  Maybe not everything....but it all evens out in the end.  haha  There's not much not to love about our little Bails.  He's the Cutes Magoots!  That's what we call him lately. 

Here we are at the mall on Saturday doing some shopping.  He's so facinated with the camera.  He instantly stops smiling whenever it comes out and just stares.  haha  It's hilarious.

Me and Bails on Mother's Day

He was literally falling asleep while we were taking this picture.  Haha  so cute. 

I of course have to give a shoutout to my own mama.  She really is the best.  I've learned so much from my mom over the years, but even more so since I've become a mom myself.  My mom is one of the most spiritual, caring, intelligent, beautiful women I know.  My mom always wanted the best for us growing up.  She was also a huge softy.  She was always the one we'd call late at night asking to stay out just a half hour longer, and 9 times out of 10 we were successful.  Haha  She never went to sleep until all of us kids were home.  And most importantly, she never told dad when we were late for curfew!!  Bet you didn't know that did ya dad!!  Haha. 

I honestly consider my mom one my best friends.  We can talk on the phone for hours, and we do quite often.  She is an amazing grandma!  She would do anything for any one of her grandkids.  Including sleeping on the oh so lovely hospital benches for four nights after Balian was born while Stephen was at home puking his guts out.  I never could have got through that first week of being a new mom without her. 

I was facetiming with my family on Saturday and had to keep from crying.  Everyone was there but us!!  It's so hard living so far away sometimes.  I look forward to the day when we can hopefully live closer, and I can talk for hours with my mom in person instead of on the phone.  I love you mom!  Thank you for always being there for me, for raising me to become the woman, wife and mother I am today.  Happy Mother's Day!!

Mom and all her girls.  I think this was last year...or maybe two years ago.  I can't remember.

P.S.  for some reason people couldn't comment on my last blog.  Hopefully it works this time.  Someone please let me know if you can't  Thx!


  1. i'm trying a comment to see if it works. Bailian(sp?) is sooooo cute! We can't wait to see you guys again! So glad to hear that you had an awesome Mothers Day.

    I agree with everything you said about your mom....I think she's pretty great too! ;)

  2. I had to give a talk too! Also I can't get enough of Balian, he is way too cute!

  3. ok number 1) Balian is adorable! Please come visit soon so I can squoosh his chubby cheeks
    number 2) your eyes are gorgeous in that last pic of you and balian and they're not even squinty!
    number 3) I was just thinking about that facetiming thing the other day and realized it must of been super hard for you cuz I know I would have had a hard time with it! WE LOVE YOU and want yout to move closer so we can always play together all the days!

  4. Thank you Janna, I really missed you on Sunday too, I was glad that we got to have you on facetime, but it will be awesome to have you closer hopefully one day soon. Love all you guys tons!!!!

  5. I wanted to comment on your last post to say that I freaking laughed my face off. . . so thanks for that!
    you are cute. so is your baby.

  6. I love how you two celebrate things like birthday's and Mother's Day over the week or weekend. I need to start that tradition in my house!! :) Love the photo of Balian falling asleep. So funny and cute!