Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Almost Halfway!

Well, Balian is almost halfway to being 1!!!  I can't believe it.  We have a 5-month-old.  Balian is still pretty much the same, except for two things.  Tooth number one and tooth number two!!  I can't believe he has two teeth already!  He hasn't even really been too fussy.  There was one night when he thought he was a newborn again and woke up every two hours.  Don't worry, I set him straight.  He has a bit of a short-term memory.  But now he's back to his normal sleep from 7:30-4:30, eat, sleep until 7:30.  Is fantastic!  I've been feeding him rice cereal since 4.5 months.  I know...kinda early, but he loved it!!  He was just soooo hungry.  He's really starting to get the hang of it now too. 

He is definitely becoming more aware, especially of me leaving the room, or leaving him for hours at time with a babysitter.  Which is sooooo cute!!  I secretly love that he can't stand being without me for long periods of time.  Who wouldn't want to feel that loved?!  He's sitting up pretty good, but still not totally on his own.  He's a little bit stubborn and set in his ways.  He gave us a good tease with rolling over at 4 months, but has refused to do it since.  Stephen's convinced to make it happen this week.  If he could actually get up on his chubby little knees he'd be motoring everywhere though!  He kicks those chubby legs like nothin' else.  it's the funniest thing. 

Balian enjoys nothing more than the sound of his own voice.  He will talk to himself for 20 minutes straight.  It's super cute for 5 minutes.  Then it gets old.  haha  Balian also told me the other day that he's also going to be a closed captioner when he grows up.  He's already getting a head start.  He sits with me and does my show from 3-4pm everyday.  He's so studious.  He may change his mind though.  He already seems to be getting a little bored of it.  He's fallen asleep twice on the job already.  That's just unacceptable. 

HE'S THE CUTES MAGOOTS!!  And we're loving every second of him.  Now here's the pictures.  I'm sure that's the only reason anyone reads this blog anyway. 

You gotta have at least one naked bum picture

Sorry for the poor quality.  Such a big boy

Balian idolizes Dr. Dre.  He asked for these for his almost halfway birthday.  He didn't get them. 

Cruisin' with dad.

That smile just makes me melt!

We stuck him in this chair at Lacoste.  He was none too pleased with us.  Haha

Asleep on the job.  So tuckered out.


  1. yay for cute pictures of my nephew!!! he is getting so big and looking so old! and as always...SOOO chubby! i love it!

  2. He is so cute Janna! I haven't seen him in forever. We need to get together sometime for sure!

  3. Loved the pictures, he's sooooo cute!!!

  4. He is looking more like Steve I think!! Playing PS3 and listening to Dr. Dre! We're looking into his teenage years already!!

  5. He is super cute, I love his lips!...and Janna I love your hair dark, it looks really good. I tried to comment on a few of your posts and it wouldn't let me, but I definitely think that Steve should go for the perm!

  6. I'm so sad! he looks so big, i cant believe i'm not there to see him!!! LOVE the big boy outfits!