Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Faaareeeeeeaaakkk Out

Holy cow it's been a while since I blogged last.  I've been trying to think of something to blog about.....like really hard.  Our lives are just so monotonous. WHOA!  Big word.   I like big words.  But only when I know what they mean.  Anyway, like I was saying, our lives are boring.  Our lives revolve around Balian and work, which is fine, it's just not very fun for the blog.  So I've been trying to think of something to blog about that doesn't involve Balian...even though he's six months today!!!  CRAZY!!!  So I couldn't think of anything.  It was getting to the point where we were specifically thinking of something to do (i.e. a project....most likely involving assembling something from IKEA...because that always goes sooooo well for us)  just so we could blog about it.  How pathetic is that!?!?!  Words can't express. 

So anyway, luckily I solved our blogging issue, and our only blogging about Balian issue. 

 I honestly don't get stressed about too many things.  I'm usually the calm, realistic, optimistic, everything happens for a reason one in the family.  Except when it comes to cooking....specifically cooking desserts (technically I guess that makes it baking, but who cares).   It's kinda my hobby I guess you could say.   I dare you to try to find someone with a bigger sweet tooth out there than me.  Honestly.  It's an issue.  And if it weren't for my crazy metabolism right now due to nursing, I'd be lurking upon 150 pounds.  

 Anyway, I look for any excuse to make desserts, I ususally like to go all out when I'm making a dessert for other people.  So thank the heavens above my aunt asked me to make dessert for a family gathering we were having this past weekend.  I was jumping for joy!!  I knew just what I was going to make.  My friend Noelle posted it on her blog that week, and I had been eyeing it for quite a while even before then.  And now was my chance.  I had all the ingredients bought and ready to go.  I decided to make it Sunday morning before church.  Plenty of time.  Then something terrible happened.  The oven broke.  Believe me, we flipped every switch in the house to try and get that oven to work.  No good.  Cue meltdown.  When I freak out, I get rude.  Which means Stephen has to be even more rude to get through to me.  You'd have serious doubts about our love for each other if you heard us talking during my infamous meltdowns.  We always have a good laugh about it afterwards though.  I'm just stubborn like that.  I'm working on it okay!

So after Stephen slapped some sense into me....not literally....almost though...we made our way over to Stephen's brother's house to use their oven.  Wow...talk about simple solution.  I'm an idiot sometimes.  Any logical level headed person could have come to that solution in mere seconds.  But I'm different.  Deal with it. 

And in no time I had this little diddy whipped up to perfection!

Oh snap!!!!  It tasted even better than it looks.  And I got compliments galore on it!!!  We ate half of it at the dinner, and I'm currently working on the second to last piece.  YIKES!!!  I need an intervention. 

And here's my rude husband.  Aren't we so cute in our matching chef's jackets!  We like to cook and bake.  Maaaaaaybe we have a secret dream to open a restaurant.  No big deal. 

So there you have it.  A new blog, and it wasn't about Balian.  But he's still the cutest stinin' kid on the face of the earth.  AND HE'S SIX MONTHS!!!  I love him. 


  1. SOOOO good, hey?!! We seriously downed our whole pan in like 2 days. Preeetty sure I ate most of it myself. Oops.

    PS- I don't mind the Balian update posts! He's sucha cutie!

  2. Okwhat is his recipe? It looks divine!

  3. mmmm ya you probably shoulda posted the recipe too! I love the balian updates since I never get to see him :(

  4. The dessert looked awesome, maybe you should make it when your down here in July, I'm sure your dad would love to try it along with all the rest of the crowd :) I also love the Balian blogs, I check your sight often, so I was excited this morning to see something new YAY!!!!!

  5. You guys are so cute and should totally make a cookbook with a photo like that on it!