Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You better believe this post is 10 days late!!!  But geeesh, look how festive I am with my Halloween colors.  Who'da thunk I would actually enjoy, dare I say like....possibly even start to love Halloween!!!  Growing up I dreaded this holiday.  It could have something to do with the fact that my dear lovely mother, bless her heart, wasn't one to push the limits of imagination in the cosutme department.  I'm pretty sure I was a cat or a cheerleader until I was about 8.  And pretty sure my cat costume was black jogging pants, long sleeve black shirt, eyeliner whiskers and construction paper ears. Then I just switched back and forth between a hippie and witch.  Although I did spice it up one year and went as a China girl.  I was pretty proud of myself.   BUT I don't blame my mother.  It's a lot of work to think up creative costumes, then make them, then somehow convince your child to wear it with a smile. 

I thought I could force myself to like Halloween once I graduated and entered YSA.  Sure enough there was the dreaded Halloween dance.  Good thing my bestie freaking loves to dress up!!  Pretty sure she lived for Halloween.  She's hardcore and cool like that.  Shoutout to Joo for making the blog!!!

Anyway, she slapped together a pretty wicked paper bag princess costume for us our first year of school.  WHICH I then  forcfully  willingly  wore to school....the WHOLE day.  SO embarrassing.  But I love that I did it looking back.  Then we were Indians the second year of school.  Thankfully we were too cool to wear them to school that year.  But you better believe we rocked them at the dance every year!!  We got our pow wow on that's for sure.  Was that racist?  I hope not. 

Anywho....then I got married.  But wait!!  How ironic would it be if I got engaged on my least favorite holiday of the year??  Pretty dang ironic.  Mmhmm.  And we went allllll out.  Yup.  We booked out butts to Mark's Work Warehouse and bought us the best dang bandanas money can buy, and we rocked that look.  Not quite sure what look we were going for, but we were engaged and wearing banadanas and we couldn't have been happier!!  And how happy was I that I found someone that detested the holiday as much as I did.  Can anyone say meant to be.....

Then I somehow managed to escape the fateful dressup day three years running.  I'm pretty sure I picked up extra shows Halloween night as an excuse not to leave the house.  We were horrible and didn't even turn our light on for trick-or-treaters.  Who does that!?!?!

 Then we had a babe. The cutest babe that looks even MORE cute dressed up in ridiculous outfits!!!  And my Halloween hate turned into Halloween love.  I wanted a family theme because we would be going to our ward party, and my mom said there would be a prize for best family costume, and you bet your butt we were gonna win that prize!  Turns out my mom lied and there was no prize.....darn halloween party budget!  But I had already made the costumes and they were dang cute.  Stephen had to dress up for work, and because he was puking the night of the ward party he got to show off his finest fall fashion at work on Halloween day.  Unfortunately because of said puking incident we didn't get a picture of us together as a family in our costumes.  I'm going to make us all get dressed up someday and snap a picture but we're too lazy to right now.  So use your imagination and photoshop us all together in your minds.  Enjoy !!!


  1. Cute costumes...Hope you are loving living in SoAb...a you sure have a cute lil Bam-Bam too!

  2. Engaged on Halloween?!! Love that photo. You two DO look sooo happy and engaged! I can't believe you guys didn't get a photo! Steve seems as if he's ALWAYS sick! Such a cute idea though. Love your costumes, so so much!