Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So it finally happened.  I turned 25.  Up until this point I never disliked getting older.  But this was the first birthday I was actually a little sad about getting older.  There's just something about 25 that seems so old.  haha  Okay, okay, I know it's not old, but for the first time I feel older.  If that makes any sense at all.  Anywho, Stephen must have taken pity on me or something after observing my self wallowing, because he went all out this year!!  It was fan-freaking-tastic.  First off on my actual birthday I finally got not one but TWO pairs of toms shoes.  Unfortunately it's pretty much winter, so they haven't got worn much yet, but they will come spring time.  I also got a mini cupcake maker.  LOVE.  Pretty sure I could eat cupcakes as three square meals a day, AND nutritionally justify it.  I'm going to test it out this weekend hopefully.  I also got some push-up bars.  I know you're probably all thinking, wow, what a nice husband for not so subtly telling me to tone it up.  Well, you can all calm down because I asked for them.  Because my lack of upper body strength is beyond embarrassing at the best of times. 

So then Stephen made me and my family my fave, lasagna with the works, for my birthday dinner, and my mom made my fave cheesecake.  Mmmmmm.  Good thing I got those push-up bars.....

So then Stephen tried to surprise me with a weekend getaway....but I found out.  So instead I got to help plan/convince him it was worth every pretty penny it was going to cost.  And IT WAS!!  We haven't gone away anywhere since our first anniversary, so it was very much needed.  I loved every second of it.  I missed Balian like crazy, but I loved being able to be just Janna and Stephen instead of mom and dad for a weekend.  And despite our best efforts to sleep in, Balian has officially ruined us.  We were the first guests to the breakfast buffet every morning, 6:30am on the dot.  That actually is considered sleeping in for us these days. 

So we went to Banff and stayed at the Banff Springs Resort, A.K.A. heaven on Earth.  I don't think we'll ever go anywhere else for a mountain escape.  We absolutely loved it.  We stayed on the Gold floor which comes with quite a few perks that make your stay just that much more luxurious.  So we left Saturday morning and bummed around Calgary for a couple of hours and got a little bit of Christmas shopping done because we couldn't check in until 4.  LAME!  But we ended up arriving at 2 and our room was ready.  Lucky for us.  Just to explain how NOT used to luxury we are, the check-in guy offered us hot towels when we arrived and we both kind of blankly stared at each other while we rubbed our hands in the most awkwardly way possible.  Trust me, it was awkward.  Eventually he just took them back.  haha  it was funny.  Then we were escorted to the guest loung where nightly they serve hors d'oeuvres (yup totally googled how to spell that), followed by a cookie and sweets bar around 7pm. 

Was it the best breakfast of my life x10 every morning?  YES.  Could I have had a satisfying dinner of of the hors d'oeuvres alone?  YES.  Did I take platefuls of sweets back to my room every night?  YES.  Loved. Every. Second. Of. It.  I love food waaaay too much.  It's a little bit of a burden. 

Sunday was devoted to the gondola and the spa.  This is our second time going on the gondola in the winter time.  Never again we vowed.'s pretty.  But it's a waste of $60 because who wants to do the half hour hike up to the higher observation location in the bitter cold?!  I sure as heck don't.  So take my advice and gondola only in the spring and summer. 

The spa on the other hand.  Do that everyday....ALL DAY.  I am converted to the spa.  And bless my husband, he put aside his manly pride and showed that a man can still be masculine whilst getting a pedicure.  haha   Seriously though, I love that my husband will do things like that.  So we enjoyed a pedi together and then  I got a manicure while Stephen went and scoped out the rest of the spa for us.  We got full access to the rest of the spa because we did pedicures.  There were four different mineral pools all different temperatures and then an outdoor hot pool.  There were steam rooms and individual whirl pools, and then possibly the best showers/dressing rooms ever, complete with razors, deoderant, perfume, hair dryers, chi straighteners, clothes dryers, exfoliation centers etc.  It was divine.  Definitely the highlight of the trip for both of us. 

Pretty much the trip wasn't long enough. We could have easily stayed another two or three days.  I loved getting away with Stephen for the weekend and having him all to myself.  I encourage everyone to right now. 

On our way!!

The view on the drive up

haha  the Van Burens!!  A little bit of an inside joke there.  But how wicked is this couple and this lady's cloak!!  You should have seen them get out of their car.  Hilarious! 

Going up the gondola

View from the observation deck

 Complimentary slippers.  Wore them every chance I had.....and brought them home with me.

 Roooom Service!!

I miss that bed :(

My lovely manicure.  totally forgot to take pictures of the pedis. 

The front lobby.  The whole hotel is gorgeous

So sad to leave


  1. That looks like so much fun! I totally need to go for my 25th. Also I love your hair. You are rocking those bangs!

  2. I felt "old" at 25 too! Then you get even older and realize 25 isn't TOO bad! :) Enjoy your youth! I'm thinking that has to be the best birthday present ever?! Room service? Spa? How amazing!! Happy Birthday! P.s. Love the brown and bangs!!