Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's official...i suck at blogging.  True...I THINK about blogging almost daily, but do I do anything about it?   Absolutely not.  It's sad.  I honestly do hope to do better in 2012.  So here's the start of a big sum up of December and the year 2011.  So sit back and relax.  this could be a doozie.

On December 7 our little bundle of joy turned 1!!!!  I honestly can't believe how fast the first year has flown by.  It's been such an exciting but busy year.  At times I honestly can't remember what our life was like before we had a little one.  What did we do???  We were never ones to go out with friends and party hard.  We're really really lame if you want to know the truth.  We must have watched a LOOOOOT of movies.  Oh well...i love how our life is now.  Balian keeps us busy and on our toes, and we just love watching him develop and figure things out. 

Balian JUST figured out how to crawl properly.  Up to this point he had a wicked army crawl that got him where he wanted to go just fine, and in 2 seconds flat.  Now that he's actually using his legs to crawl he's getting a lot stronger and will probably be walking in a month or two.....not really looking forward to that.  At his one year shots he was 19.2 pounds and 29.5 inches tall.  He still seems so little to me. 

He says bye bye on demand and will wave to you when he does it.  He says hi, especially when i go get him in the morning.  And when I ask for a kiss he leans his cheek in towards me.  He FINALLY says mama.  He's been teething so he's been attached to my hip lately and freaks if I even leave the room.  He's been saying dada for a while.  He's said wow and whoa and all those little noise words too. 

He's an awesome eater now...thanks to a little sisterly advice.  Apparently I was filling him up on milk.  How was I supposed to know!?!?!  The only way he'll eat fruit though is if it's covered in chocolate or as a fruit squeezie thing from costco.  He loves veggies...peas, carrots potatoes, green beans are his favorite.  He love shredded chicken and taco meat as well....and of course all his little baby snacks.

He is our little music baby.  He really has no desire to watch tv or movies.  A blessing and an inconvenience at the same time.  But he loves listening to music, hearing us sing, and apparently green day???  haha  I left the other day and Stephen was trying to calm him down so he turned to the green day concert on tv.  He sat there in a zone and watched it until I got home.  haha  hilarious.  Same thing at church.  If the choir is singing, he's silent and frozen for the entire song.  He also loves to watch the chorister and mimic her.  

Basically he's just the cutes best baby ever and he love him more and more everyday.  We did his birthday party on his actualy birthday, which fell on a crappy wednesday, but it was the only day that worked.  We just had aunts and uncles and grandparents over for dinner and cake and presents.  I made a saweet monkey case.  Totally proud of myself.  And Balian thought it was delightful enough to devour in 3 minutes.  My sweet tooth may or may not have been genetically passed on to him.  He got some awesome presents, a little ride on car from G&G McKee, a baby duvet from G&G Steed for the freezing cold nights in the basement, some bathroom toys from Great G&G Webster, a plethora of books from Aunti Neenee and Uncle Scott, and a cute little beanie baby from his buddy Tawni.  And we gave him some noisy train toy that he loves dancing to and a brand spankin' new car seat!!  He's riding in style forward facing now.  But don't tell anyone...because apparently he's not technically supposed to, but I think it's okay.  At least he's not just rolling around the backseat!!   

the handsome birthday boy



The cleanup

Happy Birthday Mr. Handsome/Mister Mister/Bails/Cutes Magoots!!!

p.s.  minimum of three posts to come in the next few days so check back.....and i don't feel like a loser  :)


  1. The cake looked awesome! and beware Malin use to go to anyone too remember, and could care less if I left. Now I have to sneak away and people scare her. You have inspired me, maybe I will blog tomorrow...probably not though haha. Miss you guys.

  2. hey girlie! cute pics. your hair is just so darn cute, love it :)
    miss you guys...
    p.s. Jet is 6 months tomorrow and 19 pounds. no wonder my back hurts everyday....

  3. Way to go on the cake! Happy Birthday Balian!!

  4. The cake looked awesome! I just love that toothy grin

  5. Awesome job on the cake!! I made the same one for Dex's 1st Birthday!! I can't believe your little man is 1!! He is so stinking cute!!