Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME ... sort of

So for the last couple of months I've had the luxury of having the help of my great mom pretty much 24/7.  SOOOO nice.  She has no idea. 

 I used to wake up in the mornings immediately stressed because I had to plan my day out to the minute, making sure Balian napped while I was working.  This is of course assuming he actually naps when I tell him too.  It's still a work in progress, but for the most part he does really well.  This was of course a JOKE when he was six months and younger and would sleep exactly every two hours for a minimum of two hours...sometimes three.  Can we all say dream baby?!?!  I counted my blessings everyday, believe me.  But then he grew up, and gained mobility, and this really annoying whine, that if not dealt with within 3 minutes turned into a cry, which inevitibly turned into an outright scream at the top of your lungs tantrum.  UGH!!  Enter stresssssssss. 

That was stress was nowhere to be seen since October because my mom has been there to watch Bails.  Then for some crazy reason my grandma decided to take all her kids to Hawaii!  I know, right!  Rude.  And everything was just peachy until today because I had a lovely young woman who is completely infatuated with Balian babysit him everyday.  But then some smart person decided that the kids have to eventually go back to school after Christmas.  That day came yesterday.  My sister-in-law took care of that day.  But I didn't want to take advantage of her and ask her to watch Bails two days in a row when she has a daughter of her own and they're potty training.  So I was going to call that lovely young woman again last night after work......oops.  totally forgot.  So now I'm screwed.  But have no fear....I kept bailian up until 1:30.  He will sleep from 2-4 and just be awake for one hour while I'm working until Stephen gets home. 

Let the barricading begin!  Chair to block off kitchen access, chair to block off living room access, all the doors down the hallway closed, every point of entry to my maching blocked, all tools and small items put away.  We're good to go.  This should be a piece of cake.  Yaaaaa...not so much.  The first 45 minutes went fine.  Balian loves trashy MTV shows.  Good times.  But then Snoop Dogg must have said something that really upset him, and it all went downhill from there. 

Popcorn twists got dumped out * barrier one got broken through * drawer opened and closed on tiny baby fingers * blood curtling scream * praying for a commercial so I can rescue baby * fall over one of the many boxes in my warehouse of an office * repeat blood curtling scream * text from Stephen: I'm going to be late * i'm contemplating calling in sick * lovely brother shows up - heaven sent him I'm sure of it - to put handles on in bathroom/entertain Bails for half an hour * 3-minute break in between shows to chuck bails in his high chair and throw anything in the form of food readily available to me on the tray * that entertains him for 10 minutes *screaming....screaming....sifting through desk drawers to give him ANYTHING to shut him up* screaming....screaming.....screaming..... * doorbell rings * SERIOUSLY hun!!!! * hubby figures it out and comes to front door * daddy rescues baby/mommy * breath sigh of relief.

Oh, and I managed to snap a few pics in between of the chaos.  Sooo glad grandma's home tomorrow...hopefully earlier than planned!  We love you grandma!!

 hahaha  he cracks me up.
 Such a cutie

A successful barrier break
 Oh hey mom...just so you know...i'm going to throw a huge tantrum in 5 minutes.  Wish I spoke baby

attempting to choke on my lip gloss. 

the aftermath. 


  1. Oh man! That's kind of hilarious! I love how you 'baby proof' your home too! They always find a way, don't they?? Blake isn't there yet, but reading this post makes me look forward to the future! Not! :)

  2. Looks like Bails likes when Grandma is gone and gets to destroy the place haha. What a goof ball. Wait till he's walking!!!

  3. oh but he's too cute to get mad at! miss you bails! wish I didnt have to work every day of my life :)