Friday, January 6, 2012


Christmas in a nutshell:
- LOTS of family.  Considering the many personalities that come along with lots of family....I think we faired pretty well this Christmas with 10 adults together 24/7 all week....give or take a few hours. 
- As kids my dad used to love taking us sledding.  I loved it.  Last year G&G McKee gave Balian a little wooden sled that I've been waiting for him to get big enough to use, and so we finally whipped it out this year during the one day we had snow over the holidays.  ridiciulous.  Balain and Malin loved it....untill they TOTALLY wiped out!  haha  I SO wish I got a picture.  It was so sad.  Balian got a little snow burn on his cheek and everything.  But he was a trooper and got back on.  Malin then chose to pull an ostrich and face plant right into the snow.  But she was so puffy in her snow suit that she couldn't get back up.  haha  so funny.  So all in all sledding was a success and I hope Balian loves it as much as I do....otherwise there will be a nice little forecful shove TO like it.  ;)
- Santa Clause came to visit!!  My sister-in-law's dad always goes around to his grandkids and dresses up as Santa and delievers them their Christmas jammies, so he came and visited our house this Christmas Eve.  It was a little bit of a gong show, but it was still really cute.  They'll love it in the future. 
- So much food.  Shay and I organized a delicious Christmas Eve Breakfast and an equally delicious Christmas Day brunch.  I think we may have started a new tradition.  I love cooking and baking, especially during the holidays.  Then Christmas Eve night there was a plethora of snackie foods.....and Stephen just HAD to one up everyone by making his own individual sized poutine....which really was more of a family size than an individual size.  He didn't finish it. 
- I love having Christmas on Sunday.  I love the Christmas carols, and having a whole sacrament meeting dedicated to them is my favorite.  Stephen not so much.  He was insistent that we open presents BEFORE church.  Well that just was not going to happen.  We were way to busy Christmas morning gettting the kids and ourselves busy.  So Stephen took the time to remind us every 30 seconds once we got home from church that we needed to open presents.  I've never been so glad to open presents.  haha 
- Totally spoiled.  Stephen spoiled me as usual...and I would have spoiled him had his freaking present arrived on time!!!  Two weeks late and $150 in customs later....thank you ENGLAND!! ...he got his surprise.  And he loved it. 
- That about sums it up I think.  I love the whole spirit of Christmas.  Everyone is nicer, happier, kinder, more loving and giving.  I don't understand why we can't act that way all year, but I'll take the few weeks that I can get.  Now for some pictures!

see, they loved it!

little frozen babies

cute babushka baby

so done with sledding.  haha

Little cousins playing together.  So cute

Cute sisters!  I had one of Neechel and Cory but it was so blurry! FLIP!

The best of the best

Love this sequence of events.
1. Oh Malin
2. Balian: Oh, nice soother Malin
3. Balian:  I'll take that
Malin: Noooooo!
4. Malin: Give it back!
Tawni:  You guys are lame.  I'm outta here.

Most likely something in that mouth that shouldn't be...

Our ONLY family picture from Christmas

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  1. Love Balians snow suit and I love Christmas on Sunday's too!