Monday, June 25, 2012

A little while ago my dad found this park with this slide that's about 30 feet long.  Since then we've been trying to get all the kids and grandkids to get together for a little park date.  With so many varying schedules and uncooperative weather it took us a while but we finally did it!  Almost.  We were all there except Kyle and Cory and Tawni.  They had a last minute change of plans and weren't able to make it.  We missed you guys!
I had been given Saturday off work and so I began planning our park date Monday.  All week I was watching and checking the weather.  haha  I'm a loser I know, but i really wanted to go!! There was a 60% chance of rain but if it wasn't raining at 11 when we left then we were still going.  And we lucked out!  It didn't start spitting until we were just packing up.  We got in a full hour and  half of park fun and picnic.  haha  doesn't sound like much time, but we had three kids under 2, so they were exhausted by that point. 

I filled my camera card while taking pictures...never done that before.  So enjoy way too many pictures

i think i'm a little more excited than bails. 

This picture shows their personalities perfectly.  Balian always so seriouos and Malin having the time of her life.  haha

Baby via

pretty sure stephen is going to make me take this picture down so enjoy it while you can!

the spread.  mmmm

beautiful sisters


  1. Fun!! Is that park in Lethbridge?? It looks like the one by our friends house, we go there lots, that slide crazy huge!

  2. ooo cute!!!!! loving your fam pic there. bails is getting so big and look how blonde his hair is!!!! i love the picture of him laughing on the swing. SOOO cute!

  3. Same age cousins are so fun. That's one well documented picnic..