Monday, July 30, 2012

In The Words of Balian.....TA-DA!

I know we announced this on facebook way back when, but I still needed to record it on the good ol' blog.  We are excitedly awaiting baby number two to make his/her presence!!!  We're so excited.  Babies don't come easily in our household, and we were  one month away from returning to our fertility doc, but our prayers were answered just in the nick of time!  And we couldn't be happier. 
This pregnancy has been different and similar for me.  I got way more sick this time, but I still got my "morning sickness" at night.  So that was unfortunately familiar.  It made work just a joy, and me an extra joy to be around. 
I'm actually feeling quite good now though.  I've only been sick one or twice in the last week or so, so I think things are on the up.  Thank goodness.  How horrible is it to be sick EVERY day?!  Guys just don't know what they're missing out on. 
I keep calling it a him, because secretly deeeeeeep down inside I think it's a boy.  But I pray everyday that it's a girl.  HAHA  I actually would love to have a little brother for Balian, and I LOVE our boy name, but I've just always had this fear feeling that I'm going to be the mom of all boys.  I've come to terms with it and actually think it wouldn't be that bad.  haha  We have too many girl names that I love and that Stephen doesn't love so much.  So if it's a girl that could be an issue.  I'll be sure to let you all in on the secret as soon as we know though! 

Here's a pic of me at 11 weeks.  Pretty sure I popped at like 8 weeks with this second babe.  NOT impressed with that. 

And here I am at 16 weeks on Sunday.  A) my hair straightener broke and I teach 5-year-olds in primary, hence the dishevelled look.  B) My butt is now the size of my huge belly.  It's a bit much.  I can't fit any of my pants. 

So that's baby number two!!!  Can't wait for Januray 15....or hopefully earlier!!


  1. you are darling, as usual. I am glad you aren't AS sick anymore, that's the pits.

    Also, how weird/crazy/awesome is it that we're pregnant at the exact same time? Who would have ever thought? Hilarious. I love it.

  2. so stylish! i love your necklace. super cute. ok what is this secret about having a girl?? now i am curious. glad you aren't as sick! keep the pictures and updates coming. i love them!

  3. So excited for you guys and I really don't think you look popped out in the 1st pic.