Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Yeah.

Remember that one time we bought a house?  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! 
On July 19, 2012  Stephen and I officially became home owners.  One of the top five greatest moments of my life.  Also one of the most stressful moments of my life.  A little bit too much responsibility for my liking, but we are adjusting well to feeling like real grown-ups.  The house is perfect for us, and it will last us for 30 years....if we want.  We still have hopes and dreams of building out on a big acreage, but we'll see where life takes us.  For now this is perfect. 
We had been eying this house before we even moved to Raymond.  It went off the market just before we moved down here, and we were bummed because we weren't in a position to even think about buying yet.  No down payment and blah, blah, blah.  So we waited until we were ready and then decided to just phone them up to see if they were still interested in selling.  The then home owner was actually doing renovation work on my parents house, so we knew the family a little bit.  Could have been way more awkward. 
And just our luck they were still interested in selling!  Such a relief.  And their original offer was only $5000 above what we were willing to pay and we were able to get them down that $5000.  Worked out perfect.  And despite a few last minute worries with getting house insurance in time to get possession everything went smoothly.  We didn't have furniture for a week, and that SUCKED.  Big time sucked.  Greatest day ever when that Ashley's Furniture truck pulled up. 
I keep wanting to get a cute family pic in front of the house with a sold sign....but the stars just aren't aligning perfectly so it's not happening.  But here's  a picture of JUST the house.  I'll take more pics of the inside as I decorate.  The living room is almost down.  Just need to hang the picture frames and wait until we get our family pictures taken to add to them.  But here's our baby!!  Cute right??

We got two spares at the moment so please free to come and visit!!  One of them even has a bed for you to sleep in!


  1. Congrats on the new house! That is always exciting! I think I even know where that house is... Happy decorating! I can't wait to see the inside. Speaking of which, we should get together in the fall considering we live in the same town and all.

  2. Wow you are all grown up now! It looks nice and big, perfect to bring a new baby into! Congrats

  3. ok HUGE!!!!!!!! like get out of here!!! freak. jealous!!! looks gorgeous! you did get my hopes up when I saw the picture of the house and then there are none of the inside...so hurry up!! or i'll just quit work and come down there to stay..forever ...but seriously look awesome!!! can't wait to see the pics!

  4. congrats! you're a big kid now. post pictures of the inside, asap!!!