Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Rest of Cisco

So we woke up refreshed the next day...but not really.  We were running on about four hours of sleep.  I knew we couldn't check in until like 3, but we had tickets to go Alcatraz at noon, and so we decided to go see if we could check in early possibly.  Unfortunately we couldn't check in with enough time to shower and change and look decent, but I made do with the handicap stall and my makeup bag in the lobby bathroom.  haha  Such a gong show.  So I got ready as best I could with deodorant and some hairspray and off we went to Alcatraz.  

It turned out to be way hotter than we had thought it would be.  I think all but one of my shirts were long sleeved, and we didn't bring any shorts.  So I looked like a ridiculous tourist with my pants rolled up to capris, socks and runners on.  You know the look.  So it was hot, but I loved it.  It felt so nice.  Alcatraz was actually really cool.  Stephen is really into history and that kind of thing, so I really liked it.  I just couldn't believe how small the cells were.  They were tiny, like steve's arm span wide.  And can you imagine how depressing it would be to be in prison, look out the window and see everyone on the wharf hoopin' and hollerin', living it up?!  The worst kind of jail.  

 On the pier before getting on the ferry to Alacatraz

View of Alcatraz

 Oh, hi stephen

 They're even smaller than his arm span. SO SMALL!
 Their 'play area'

 Awww.  I miss it.

After Alcatraz we finally got to go to our hotel.  SOOOOO much better than the experience the night before.  We paid the extra $10 for valet so we didn't have to deal with parking.  They HAD parking!  It was so nice.  I wish I would have taken pictures before we trashed the room haha which we did almost immediately.  You get the idea though. 

 Stephen making himself at home.

A full and proper bathroom area

 A couch!  a TV!! a walkway into the room!  So nice.

The next day was game day.  Basically the reason we went to San Francisco.  Such a crazy time trying to get to the stadium.  We were about eight blocks or so from the stadium parking and there were residents everywhere in the streets trying to get you to park on their property for $20.  We figured when in we accepted an offer from a very nice jent, who I swear was straight from the Bronx.  He was very insistent that we park there, that they would keep our car safe.  We had to back up into the parking stall, but we were in the middle of traffic.  So he just walks out into the middle of the street and stops everyone, including a freaking city bus!!  Who just stops a bus!  I'm serious, pedestrians run this city.  We couldn't get as close to the other car as he wanted so Stephen just gave him the keys and let him do it.  haha  We're too trusting.  He backed i tup like a pro though.  He seemed a little sketchy still so we took everything of value out of the car before we left.  haha  But he wished us congratulations on our little one, so I liked him.  I wanted a picture with him when we went to pick up the car, but he wasn't there.  Thankfully our car was.  It was quite the experience.  

The actual game experience was awesome.  It was both of our first NFL live game experience.  We were surrounded by white trash, f-bombs every other word....along with multiple other explicitives, but it was still fun, and we had really good seats.  Of course my team ended up whooping the 49ers.  GO GIANTS!!  So Stephen was a little bummed.  I actually wish the 49ers would have won just for his sake, but I think he still had a good time, and I'm glad we got to go.  

Look at all the buses!!  It was crazy

From our seats.

 Oh McKee was on the trip too.

 He was a little sad

But I was happy!!!

The last day was just a day to bum around, go to the chocolate factory, the beach, and shop.  It was just nice to have a day to relax and flop and not have anything that we HAD to do.  Those are our favorite kinds of vacations.  
These guys were everywhere.  I was just taking a picture OF him, but then he roped me into the picture...then demanded a tip.  haha  I knew he would.  Oh well.  I'm glad I can look like a whale in all these pictures.  geeesh.  What a horrible angle.

At Bubba Gump's.  Not as good as we hoped. 

With my feet in forrest gump's shoes. 

I like this picture because I don't look pregnant!!  haha

We're so cute.  Love this guy.

We left Tuesday morning and after our four hour layover and all the flights and driving back to Canada we finally got home around midnight.  haha  Bails was sleeping at my parents that night, but we missed him to much so we snuck in and stole him to come sleep with us that night.  It was so nice to be home and to see our little guy.  It was nice to be alone and have time to ourselves but we both missed him so much and couldn't wait to get home to him.  

So overall it was a very fun, full of adventure trip, and I'm glad we did it.  Looking back at it we will probably never do a trip again when I'm pregnant.  There was a lot of walking with this trip and although I think I was a pretty good trooper, I'm sure there was some complaining mixed in there too.  It's totally doable to vacation while pregnant, but I would have enjoyed myself more if I wasn't pregnant.  I'm glad we FINALLY took a vacation out of the country and for more than two nights.  It was awesome, and we're already planning our next trip...a family trip this time though.  


  1. too bad bubbas wasn't as good as you thought. we've been a few times and it was great. but we love the coconut shrimp. looks like a good trip all around and you look super cute!

  2. looks like so much fun!! and that hotel looks soo much nicer!!! way to upgrade! and seriously, you are such a cute little pregnant girl in your jersey. seriously.