Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Because I Know You All Want To Know...

Pregnancy Update!!
I can't believe I haven't recorded anything about this pregnancy.  I suck.  So here it is.  I'm almost 30 weeks!!  Yay!!  This pregnancy has gone by so much slower than with Bails.  It's also been completely different than Bails' pregnancy.  Here's the differences:
* I've been waaaay sicker.  On a scale of 1-10....about a 7-8.  Balian was never more than a 4 for sickness. 
* I've been sick much longer with this babe too.  I still feel nauseated at night sometimes which sucks. 
* I've gained weight faster with this babe.  Boooo for me.  I have 10 pounds to go to gain the same as I did with Bails.  With 10 weeks to go I'm pretty sure that's next to impossible.
* I've been a lot more sore with this pregnancy.  My back, my legs, headaches.  Maybe because I'm older???  Who knows.  I can deal with that kind of pain most of the time. 
* A pregnancy symptom that I'm not going to divulge specifics of because it's TMI.  Pretty sure the three out of the four people that read this blog ( my mom and sisters ) can figure it out.  haha  The rest of you will have to let it stew!  I will say it sucks big time!!  I finally went to the hospital to get help for it and broke into a bawling fit.  I was a mess.   Pregnancy pains plus out of control hormones and emotions....not good.   That poor nurse.  Luckily I grew up with her in our family ward and she was very caring and sympathetic.  haha  And I'm feeling much better since getting a prescription for my issue.  ;)
* Balian had the hiccups daily while I was pregnant with him.  Not one episode with this babe so far.  I do however experience a different cirque du soleil show inside my belly everyday with this one.  Makes me feel sooooo nauseated.  I'd take hiccups over all this movement anyday. 
* I find work a lot more difficult this pregnancy.  Mostly a sore back.  I change position every 5 minutes it seems and it drives me crazy.  a two-hour shift is killer!  My back is so spent by the end of the end of the night.  I wish I could lay on a heating pad in bed, but I can't lay on my back without completely losing my breath, so tylenol has to do. 

Some things that are the same:
* This baby also feels the need to steal all my oxygen.  I've passed out twice which is such a weird thing everytime it happens.  I've just decided that my babies are oxygen junkies and it's something I have to deal with. 
* This baby is very low just like Bails.  Which gives me some hope that maybe he'll come early too!!  Probably not though, just my luck. 

Overall the pregnancy is going okay.  It's just no piece of cake like I feel Balian's was in comparison.  I've done a lot of personal reflection and made the tough decision to go ahead and schedule a C-section for this baby.  It was NO easy decision let me assure you.  But I've thought and prayed a lot about it, and talked with Stephen alot about it and I finally feel at ease with my decision.  For Stephen it was an easy decision.  I was just having a personal struggle of feeling like a wuss, like I wasn't a real woman by at least TRYING to do VBAC.  I also expressed that concern to my dr and she said if that's the only thing holding me back then we're doing a section.  haha  She told me that first and foremost, C-section is a much greater risk to my life and baby's than natural delivery, it's no piece of cake, and going through it makes me anything BUT  a wuss.  That made me feel a lot better.  And it's true!!!  It is no piece of cake.  And although I recovered really well from my first section, that doesn't mean this one will be as easy, although I hope it will be.  So there it is.  Please don't judge me!  haha

Now here's some pics. 

24 weeks

26 weeks
You know those days when you have awesome hair days??  This was one of those days.  You know every other day for the rest of the year when you can never make your hair look that good again???  That's how I've felt everyday since this day!  ugh.  So annoying. I hate hair.  Stephen wants me to chop it.  Mostly because on a good day it takes me minimum an hour to get ready.  haha  And on a bad day he has to deal with the potentital of me breaking into tears at any moment....yes over hair.  Poor guy.  Sorry for the digression.

28 weeks
and don't be confused by the shirt.  I am not having a little girl.  I borrowed this shirt from my sister for halloween.  She had a girl.  I had a little baseball cap on him for the Halloween party to show he's a boy. 


  1. I'm SOOOOOOOO with you on the moving baby/nauseated thing. It bites. Also, WOW, that was a good hair day! You're smokin every day though. So cute. I've decided making humans is just REALLY really hard sometimes. I'm pretty much done this time around, with 8 weeks to go. I wish us both the best of luck!

    Also, I have a pretty good guess as to what the other issue was, only because it's so common. I've never had to deal with it, but my sister in law had a horrendous time. Good luck.

  2. I'm sure no one would judge you for haveing C-section! That would be silly. It doesn't matter how the baby gets here. Also how could you leave me guessing about your symptom!? Also look how good you look! No fair!

  3. okkkkk. who is juding you for having a c-section???? i think it's just in your head :) and not saying which is easier or not (only done one way) but you stay in the hospital for more than the 24hours, so there is just a clue of how tough i'm sure it is on your body.
    second, i scrolled down to the second pic and was like...WHOA. janna is hot. freaking awesome hair day! and make up and everything. yeesh. wish I looked that great at 26 weeks. jealous. you CANNOT cut that hair.
    and uggg i feel so bad for you!!!! how are you even working right now?! how have I not seen emails betgging for ppl to take shows? you need to do that ore often.seriously. hope you feel better! take lots of baths...and get massages!

  4. You do look amazing when you're pregnant! And C-sections are medically necessary procedures that you should never ever feel bad about!
    As for your 'problem' I never divulged the one I had but it's probably the same, I only told my sister and my husband lol... and if it is it I hope it goes away after for you!!
    I think it must be the second pregnancies that are harder! At least that's what I found, everything was more sore earlier cause your body knew what to do and just jumped right into stretching out faster and getting ready. Take it easy for your last bit and rest lots! 2 is a lot more work than 1 but sooooo worth it :)