Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Pics 2012
The fabulous Meghan Maxwell took our family pictures back in September and they finally came!!  I'm so excited.  I LOVE all of them.  I'm having a really hard time picking which ones to hang on the wall.  I've always loved black and white photos, and frankly those are my favorite here too, but should I put all black and white on the same wall or mix and match??  Let me know which ones you guys like and which ones you'd hang.  I have four frames to fill in the living room.  
I think i might be a little too stiff in this one, but I love Stephen and Bails in it so I could get over it.

 One of my favorites
 See!!  The black and white AND color both look so good!  I can't decide!


 I'm going to need a whole wall just pictures of Mr. Handsome
 I love my boys!

 Ah!  He's so stinkin' cute!

  i definitely love this black and white one.  That will get hung up for sure.


  1. Holy, Janna! You are gooooorgeous! I love them all. Get more frames and put them all up! :)

  2. They are darling Janna!! OOOH, I don't know which is my favorite... I think the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are my faves!! Cute family!

  3. I personally like colour! Also I seriously have no words for how cute Balian is.

  4. Cute family pics Janna, I like the same one that is your favorite, but I love it in color! How did your get so many good ones? I guess it helps to be a total babe and have a really cute kid!

  5. oh man, i really don't know. you are so lucky you have soo many good ones!!! and balian was so happy in all of them! i seroiusly can't deicde.i love the family one that you like too..but i saw the B&W and was like wow. and sa the colour...wow. you have a tough decision!!!