Friday, December 28, 2012

Birthday Time

I'm sooo  far behind on blogging.  I hate procrastinating.  But I had to blog about my little boy turning 2.  I can't believe I have a 2 year-old.  Balian still seems like my little baby, and I remember his birth like it was yesterday!  For his birthday we kept it pretty low key.  He's only two.  I was a good mom and made a Rio cake, Bails' favorite movie....hence Stephen's and my LEAST favorite movie.  we are a little Rio'd out.  We've since transitioned him to Megagmind and everyone is happier!  haha  Then I was a bad mom and didn't charge the batteries for the camera so all I got was a ridiculously blurry picture before the camera died.  But I worked so hard on it and like most creative things I do of course it didn't go right, but I made it work and I think it actually turned out pretty cute.  And the kids thought it tasted pretty good.  So I count that as a success.  I did blow up balloons.  And that was about it for decorations.  We had all my family over for spaghetti dinner and presents and that was the extent of the party.  Bails loved it. 

At 2:
-  Balian can count to 3...and say 6.  Although apparently he's supposed to be able to count to 10 according to the lovely internet.  Give me a break.  haha 
- He can say quite a bit.  He says, mom, dad, maw maw (grandma), gam-pa, tay tu (thank you), please, yes (sounds like he has a retainer in or something.  so cute), no,  for some reason he says what sounds like roo for drink/water.  No idea where that came from.  baba (bottle), where is it, there it is, snack, up, down.  Those are the main ones.  There's probably more I'm forgetting.
- He loves steamed veggies, ichiban, raisins, cheese, yogurt, bananas, apples, pears, spaghetti, any pasta really, ANYTHING sweet, stir-fry, bears paws, gold fish, chicken.  He's really not that picky which i'm grateful for.
- He loves to wrestle with his daddy, play with any type of ball, gives the best cuddles to anyone, watch Megamind, pretend he's vacuuming, do laps around our kitchen island, take his bath...drink bath water (so gross), say his prayers (cutest thing ever), lead the music at church, and sit with me while I'm the same chair.  I need a much bigger chair if this is going to continue.

The blurry cake in all its glory
Uggg now all the pictures are blurry if I try to make them big.  Anyone know how to fix this problem?!?!



Happy birthday little man!!  I'm so grateful to be your mom and see you grow and develop more and more everyday.  You bring so much joy into our lives.  Not a day goes by that your dad and I don't just turn to each other and say how cute you are.  You're such a happy, helpful, obedient, smart, observant little boy.  You're going to be an amazing big brother.  We love you tons, and happy 2nd birthday!!


  1. so sad those pics are blurry! They are so cute! Love my mister mister!

  2. He is so cute! Did you make that cake? It is awesome! Also a two year supposed to count to 10?! my eye!! two out of three of my kids failed that one.