Monday, December 31, 2012

Apparently I took a break from taking pictures this Christmas.  Why do I always forget to take pictures of the most important family moments?!  I guess the good news is I was living in the moment and enjoying Christmas to its fullest.  These are literally ALL the pictures I took over Christmas.  For shame.  I had a GREAT Christmas this year.  I got work off approved early....which never happens.  So I had a fully SIX days off!!  I don't think I've had six consecutive days off of work since I was in Grade 11.  No joke.  So I was enjoyoing every moment of it.  It was the in-laws year this year, so we did our Christmas with my family early. 
We started with Shay and I making breakfast...kinda  a new tradition I think.  And it was delightful.  Then we opened gifts.  Long story parents need a bigger house.  haha  I'm just kidding...but seriously, we're just getting bigger mom and dad!!!  I love being all together as a family though...chaos and all.  My parents gave Bails boxing gloves and a blow up punching bag!!  Best gift ever.  He loves it.  He still prefers his dad's gloves most days, but he loves wrestling with the blow up bag.  haha  It's hilarious.  He'll bounce right off it and fly across the room.  Stephen got some fighting shorts and a hoodie from mom and dad and I got some sewing gear to go with my new sewing machinge!!  It was a great morning.
Stephen and I have been planning our Christmas Day feast for about six months now.  haha  We were really excited to show case our dishes and I can say proudly that we pulled through.  It was delicous!  Of course no pictures so you'll have to take my word for it.  And I'm also proud to say we cooked that meal with only one minor dispute.  To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I thought I'd be eating upstairs by myself by the time we ate.  I hope we make it a tradition because I actually really liked hosting Christmas dinner.  
Check out my mantle.  I was Little Miss Crafty this Christmas.  I made stockings too, but they were packed already.  I love my decorations and kinda don't want to take them down.
Bails in his festive red for Steed Christmas.  So concerned all the time

The champ with his gloves.  haha

Bails loves his Grandpa

The craziness
So because I was going to be like 36 weeks pregnant we weren't planning on going to Edmonton for Christmas this year...but I convinved Stephen about a week before we left that we should go up.  I love spending time with Stephen's familiy.  They're big and crazy and loud and fun and Barb puts on a Christmas Eve dinner delight.  So I really wanted to go.  We stayed with Stephen's brother Collin and his family and so we opened presents with them Christmas morning before heading over to Stephen's parents' house.  Bails didn't get much this year.  haha not why you're thinking though.  HE'S ONLY 2! He could have cared less what we got him.  haha  As you can tell from these pictures though apparently he was a little less than impressed.  Books????  Really mom?  What was I thinking.  Sorry Bails.  I'll do better next year.  He also got a ton of new cars and like five new balls.  He was happy. 

Deep in thought...
I bought Stephen Christmas jammies.  He did NOT buy me any.  We tried to go to Superstore before we headed home Christmas Eve.  Apparently Superstore...or closed Christmas Eve night.  Lame. 
 I love his new Christmas jammies.  So handsome.



You better beleive I put this picture up here!  The only picture of me with my boy during Christmas.
 And our tree.  A little charlie brownish, but I love it.  It's now January 31...and still no annual family picture in front of the tree.  It will happen before I take it down though...mark my word. 
And my pictures weren't blurry this time!!!  yay!! No clue what was up with my last post.  So annoying.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  I know we did.  Now we're back to work until this baby comes!! Only 17 more days!! 

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