Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Holy cow it took me a long time to do the birth story post this time around.  But I need to do it before I forget it!  So without further ado, presenting...

 Winston Charles Alexander McKee!

First off...I know.  It's quite the name.  Stephen once again thought of it...and I once again hated it at first.  I love it now.  Totally suits him too.  Why do I suck at thinking of names??  All my names sounded like they belonged to a dog.  Oh well...I found our girl game and we haven't told it to anyone!  So hopefully we get a girl next.  So Stephen is a bit of a history geek buff and basically idolizes Winston Churchill.  So if when I said Winston you thought Winston Churchill immediately like I did, then you're right.  That's where his name came from.  Charles if my Grandpa Steed's names and Alexander is Stephen's Grandpa Morrison's name.  And we choose two middle names for our kids, one from each side of the family so that we don't fight over whose turn it is to get a middle name from their side.  Then people say just don't use family names...and to be honest we're running out of good boy ones, so I told Stephen if we have another boy it will probably just have Stephen as a middle name haha.  But it's really important to both of us that our kids have family middle names.  So that's the story of the name because I'm sure you all cared.  

Now to the birth.  I was hoping and praying that my water would just break and it would be go time like with Bails.  But it wasn't to be.  Instead I had to deal with contractions, full on, for six days.  And of course the one time I did go in to get them monitored they stopped.  Ugh.  I then had the ridiculous nurse tell me I was just dehydrated and they were cramps.  Look, I can understand if this was my first rodeo and didn't have a clue what a contraction felt like that maybe I was just being hopeful in thinking they were contractions.  But I am not an idiot, I had done this before, and trust me, I was having contractions, and I was in a lot of pain.  I basically didn't sleep for six days.  I was exhausted and I couldn't talk to my doctor, and I just wanted to have my freaking baby.  So yes....there may have been a minor melt down walking back to the car when they sent us home.  Poor Stephen.  haha  He handled it like a pro.  Why do women have to be so crazy hormonal when pregnant!  I feel bad for the husbands.  

So after six days of contractions I finally woke up to quite a good bit of blood.  Sorry folks, but that's what happened.  Maybe now they would believe me.  Even while they were examining me we got the feeling again they would send us home.  Lucky for me my dr was going to be at the hospital in half an hour.  We chose to wait for her.  This was the exact conversation.  

dr A. : Hey Janna how are you doing?
Me :  Um..okay. 
dr A. :  Having pain?
Me: Yes!
dr A. : Okay, let's do this then.  

It's just that easy.  Oh how I love my dr.  I know for a fact she would have done it six days earlier had she been at the hospital when I was there.  Oh well...six more days of baking wasn't such a horrible thing.  So then we went through the drill.  Stockings on, catheter in (THE WORST)  I just hate them so much for some reason.  IV in (also the worst), then the long roll down to the O.R.    I told myself to be calm, you've done this all before.  It's really not THAT bad.  A couple of pokes and then you feel like a paraplegic for a couple of hours.  No big deal.  Ugh...I really wish I could control my mental state better.  It's something I need to work on.  I started freaking out, and shaking uncontrollably.  They hadn't even done anything yet!  And why is it SO FREAKING FREEZING in those operating rooms!?!  They threw some warm blankets on me and that helped a bit, although I'm pretty sure I was more just freaking out than actually cold.  

Then the pokes started.  During my spinal for Balian I was having hard contractions so I honestly don't remember any pain from the spinal.   This was so so different.  I remember each poke.  Each hurting more than the last.  haha  One made my head shoot up.  The nurse did not agree with that and with cat-like reflexes forced my head back into a downward position.  haha  IT HURT!  So we finally got through that.  The spinal dr was actually really nice.  The cheeriest chinese man around...expect for the Pediatrician.  From there it was just some slicing and dicing and then Winston appeared over top of the drape.  He was screaming, and then I started bawling.   Stephen was just so excited.  He was giddy.  It was really cute to watch.  I got to hold him on my chest for a minute or two and then Stephen left with Winston while I got stitched back up and pushed on.  So glad I couldn't feel all of it.  

So Winston arrived at 7:38 AM, January 8 (two and a half weeks early) weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.  I love my tiny babies.  I was for real worried I wouldn't be able to love him as much as I love Bails, but no worries now.  I love this little boy so much...even at 2am, then 4am, then 6am.  We are working on sleeping more than 2 hours at a time.  Something i never had to worry about with Bails.  Oh well...I love my morning cuddle times.  

He really is a good baby.  Like Bails, he doesn't really cry.  Just more of a whimper.  I've heard him real cry twice, during his first bath and when he got the snip snip.  SO sad.  Other than that he just whimpers when he's hungry or needs to be changed.  He eats like a pro and my moose milk is in full effect.  We left the hospital at 6 pounds 5 ounces.  At his one week he was up to 6 pounds 13 ounces!!!  Yay for Winston.  

My mom stayed with me in the hospital while Stephen stayed with Winston.  Talk about heaven sent.  I love having my mom stay with me.  She does everything with a skip in her step.  haha  She loves that she gets to be there the first few days and I love that she loves it!  She also came over every morning for a week once I got home and cleaned my house top to bottom and did all the heavy lifting for me.  So grateful for a mom that lives close by that is willing and wanting to serve.  

And Stephen has super spouse down to a T.  He's such an awesome dad and still makes time individually with each of the boys and me, as well as make dinner, laundry, do the dishes, bath time and bed time for Bails.  He's awesome times 10.  Now for some pictures of the cutes magoots!!

First cuddle

I love this more than anything
So teeny tiny
I die every time I see this picture.  Such a good big brother

Me and my boys.  So perfect

One week old
Looking a little chubs and just like Stephen

Such a naked cutie
First Sunday debut. So handsome
 Oh and look....mom got ready for one.  I just love his squishy cuteness!

Taken today.  2 Weeks old!


  1. so glad everything went well.. other than having to wait 6 days. were you a planned c-section? if so that is even more crazy they made you wait.
    Your boys are cute and you look amazing! i would say for just having a baby a week ok but you look great regardless!

  2. Super cute! Congrats, Jana!

  3. Congrats on another cute baby boy! Who looks that hot after having a baby, two weeks ago? Lucky

  4. Congrats! He looks adorable in his church clothes!

  5. What a sweetie. I kinda hate the waiting game too.