Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Hair

How about that exciting title.  Yup, I'm back.  I've got like three posts in the works, but this one is the easiest to finish.  Two more sleeps and I'm chopping my beautiful locks.  I'm freaking out.  I've grown especially attached to my hair this time around.  It's been a long time since it's been short, and I'm nervous it's going to be a complete hack job.  It's happened before.  Nothing is worse than a bad hair cut.  NOTHING! 

For fun I've compiled a history of Janna's hair.  It's very exciting. 

1. This is my 99% of my life, until I got up the nerve to chop my hair and dye it dark in grade 11. 

Just me and my bestie taking some fiiiiine pics in her backyard.  Good grief.

2. Then this nightmare happened.  Stephen was not impressed.  I was at the hair school for six hour.  SIX HOURS!!  I was sure my hair was going to fall out.  I  actually did it when my hair was long and it was completely dead so I ended up cutting it like a week later.  I lost 90% of my natural curl.  Dang it!  And Stephen gave me the silent treatment for the next day because I couldn't pick him up from work.  Sorry hun.....sooooooo sorry. 
3. Then I went completely opposite. A bit better.  Stephen called me his Asian wife for a while. 

4. I got desperately sick of short hair....so I spent ridiculous amounts of money and got me a weave!  Good idea????  Not really.  But I liked it for the two months it lasted.
5.  Then I was done with dark and returned to the blonde.  I still don't know which I prefer.  My poor hair...

6. Seriously....my poor hair.  It's been way too heavily colored.  I don't know how it's still in decent condition.  I actually really liked the blunt bang look, but it grows out so quickly I got sick of maintaining it. 

7. And so this is how I've been the majority of the last 2 years...minus the baby bump for a large portion of that time.
So what do you think????  It's all going down Thursday!  I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to do, but I'm completely open to people swaying my mind.  Tune in Thursday to see what happened!


  1. hahaha...that first picture! And I never realized your hair had such an evolution, but it really has, hasn't it? I always love it long. But I'm torn between dark and blonde. You do both so well!

  2. my fav is the first picture. Haha! seriously! You look like a hippy! Maybe it's because that's how I remember you and I'm sentimental. I really love the "Asian wife" haircut! But you look hot in whatever hairdo you have. I'm too scared to cut my hair. Last time I did it 5 years ago I totally regretted it!

  3. Who are you getting to cut it? Im cutting mine right after we get our family pictures...I want it long for those so I can curl it. I love the picture after the weave picture, the layered blond but I cant decide either what color I like best on you. Both look great!

  4. I freaking love your hair right now. I think long and blonde is my favorite on you. Probably cause that's what I remember you as, but you are gorgeous no matter what. Don't go too short . . . Lol. I am growing mine out right now! Maybe . . .